Music Unites Africa is a 21st Century Urban Pan-African Organization changing the landscape of African music in and around the Global Community.

Through CREATIVE and ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER, we are inspiring a new generation of 21st Century Urban Pan-African Youth to be emboldened to reach for the stars, and lay hold of our truly glorious and divine destinies as socioeconomically and technologically advanced Global Citizens.

Where words fail, Music speaks...


Music has always played a major role in constructing Africa's rich and diverse cultures. From generations past until this day, music holds great relevance and influence in the lives of many. At Music Unites Africa, our vision aims to use music (individually and collectively) to bolster solidarity, unity and prosperity among Africans across the world. We have dedicated our entire lives to ensuring that the beautiful African heritage and culture which we all hold so dearly be preserved via the authenticity and messages in our music.


#Top40Africa is a Pan-African playlist-chart show created and curated every week on Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer by MUSIC UNITES AFRICA. Established on World Music Day - June 21st 2017, our goal is to provide indie and mainstream artistes a unique and exclusive platform to thrive & be discovered by millions of music lovers around the world. The playlist-chart show is a fresh take on music curation in Africa. As leaders of this new wave, MUSIC UNITES AFRICA is focused on making music listening a pleasurable and memorable one where music lovers won't have to skip a track. From the latest and trendiest songs to sensational music from Africa's young rising talents, #Top40Africa is the place to tune into anywhere/anytime.


Discover our Top-20 gospel songs each week on Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify to help stir-up your prayer/worship experience.


The aim of Outburst is to help the world ponder continually and accurately, the gospel of Christ. When we ponder Jesus, we erupt in praise, hence the name Outburst. Their Music offers an experience - a spontaneous thankful response to the good news

Outburst is committed to educating the world through their life-inspiring and transforming music about Jesus Christ and what He’s done for mankind. It is basically lyrical theology - a teaching ministry with music as it’s vehicle. They envision lives being influenced and culture being shaped anywhere and everywhere around the world through Christ centered music and live-ministerial performances. Discover more about OUTBURST MUSIC GROUP on their website. Click here to learn more!


VOICES OF AFRIKANS presents the latest news, reviews and interviews from AFRICAN CREATIVES across THE GLOBE.


Through the waters, the rivers and the fire, the vision of MUSIC UNITES AFRICA has guided Young Africans in protecting & preserving our richly valued cultural heritage. Our unified pursuit for an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Pan-Africa through music, continues to influence, inspire and motivate Our MOVEMENT in consolidating all efforts to bolster sustainable socioeconomic stability in solidarity towards the fulfillment of #AGENDA2063.

Adopted in 2013 by MUSIC UNITES AFRICA from the African Union Council; AGENDA-2063 is a strategic framework for the socio-economic transformation of Africa over the next 50 years+. It builds on, and seeks to accelerate the implementation of past and existing continental initiatives for growth and sustainable development. The guiding vision for AGENDA-2063 is the African Union's Vision of “An integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in international arenas”.


As MUSIC UNITES AFRICA celebrates 7 years of Uniting Africa via Music, we are again reminded of the long and tedious road ahead. Through the waters, the rivers & the fire, our vision of a United & Prosperous Africa will indeed light up the pathway towards peace and cultural reconciliation. Because TOGETHER, Our Voices can and will be ONE.