Where words fail, Music speaks...


Music has always played a major role in constructing Africa's rich and diverse cultures. From generations past until this day, music holds great relevance and influence in the lives of many. At Music Unites Africa, our vision aims to use music (individually and collectively) to bolster solidarity, unity and prosperity among Africans across the world. We have dedicated our entire lives to ensuring that the beautiful African heritage and culture which we all hold so dearly be preserved via the authenticity and messages in our music.


The basic roles of our ambassadors are centered on mentoring, leadership and social responsibility. Our voices, music, arts 'n crafts, film, sports, education and literature are our main weapons in the fight for peace, stability and prosperity for the future of Africa. We are committed in our unified vision for Africa; which is a better-brighter Africa where Tribe, Religion and Ethnicity give way to the common goals and good of our beloved continent because where words fail, Music speaks.

Our Ambassadors