5 Reasons To Visit Hard Rock Cafe Lagos [@hrclagos]

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Finding the perfect chill-spot in Lagos-Nigeria can be very tricky especially when you've got certain tastes and standards that need to be met with the best of customer service-execution. And by chill-spots, we don't mean beer parlors and night clubs; we're talking about a place where music, art and fashion meets some of the most delicious delicacies known to man. We're talking about the one and only HARD ROCK CAFE LAGOS.

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From the moment you walk into the magnificent structure housing HRC-Lagos, you immediately get the sense that you're definitely in the right place. From their amazing Pan-African musical memorabilia like Sunny Ade's Vintage Fender Guitar, to a vast array of wonderful finger licking American cuisine on their rich menu, Hard Rock Cafe Lagos is a comfortable hub for socialization, relaxation and total entertainment-satisfaction. To further buttress our growing love for one of the coolest places in Africa, we're highlighting 5-reasons why every young urban 21st Century Pan-African Youth needs to be a regular at Hard Rock Cafe whenever you're in Lagos-Nigeria.

1.) Music: 

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Our very first experience at Hard Rock Cafe Lagos came on a night where Africa's Number-1 rapper, M.I. was performing live on stage. The entire atmosphere was electric! MUSIC UNITES AFRICA's editorial team - The Neo-Afrikan Voices were out to cover an event, but in the end, ended up being the ones getting covered by the breathtaking atmosphere. It was an exciting moment we all wanted to experience again, and again...and again. It was an atmosphere we'd rarely felt before in Lagos. It was our kind of crowd. We were impressed by the precision in getting the right targeted audience for such a setting. It was fresh and lit. Hard Rock Cafe Lagos is home to some of the best live music experiences in Africa performed by some of the most amazing mainstream and indie musicians on the rise. From alternative music to Afrobeat, hip-hop, AfroPop to R'nB, HRC-LAGOS has something very special for everyone; an unforgettable experience filled with breathtaking memories.

2.) Food:

When it comes to food and world class dishes, HARD ROCK CAFE LAGOS is the place to go to. You'll literally drool upon seeing their mouthwatering menu while soaking in the beautiful scenery which houses breathtaking moments and lifetime experiences. From their 'Starters', to 'Salads', 'Entrees', 'Smokehouse/Smokehouse Sandwiches', down to their meaty/juicy 'Burgers', 'Sandwiches' and 'Desserts', HRC-Lagos has something special for everyone.


 King Sunny Ade presenting his KSA Vintage Fender Guitar to HARD ROCK CAFE LAGOS

King Sunny Ade presenting his KSA Vintage Fender Guitar to HARD ROCK CAFE LAGOS

The Vintage Fender Guitar of Legendary Juju Maestro, King Sunny Ade was the very first memorabilia to be donated by a Nigerian to Hard Rock Memorabilia Archive. He fondly refers to the guitar as his “baby” and has played it for over 30 years. This was what he played while composing his hit track “Synchro System”. The album earned him his first Grammy nomination and he has since then risen to global recognition.

4.) Events:


Hard Rock Cafe is home to some of the liveliest parties and events in Lagos, Nigeria. It sits just beside Landmark Center (another amazing event palace where art meets culture). Hard Rock's state-of-the-art cafe features more than 200 seats, a stage for live performances, and a swimming pool area for adults and kids. Children can also enjoy the atmosphere in their special kids section where children can run free in the safety and comfort of Hard Rock's exquisite facilities. Comedy nights are the best! Having a good laugh after a hectic day in Lagos fused with good music, a great meal and an awesome crowd makes life more interesting and fun. Hard Rock Cafe Lagos is more than just a chill-out zone, HRC-Lagos is a familiar palace filled with urban inspired arts 'n sounds fit for the 21st Century Pan-African Youth. The Deejays are also top notch, so it's always a fun atmosphere and a great environment to be in.

5.) The View:

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No matter where you sit, you can always enjoy live music, cold drinks, and an unforgettable experience with the beautiful waters of the Atlantic Ocean as the perfect backdrop to Hard Rock Cafe Lagos. Located on Victoria Island, Hard Rock Cafe Lagos is right in the center of one of the most exclusive areas in Nigeria. There is always a flurry of activity around and never a dull moment at Hard Rock Cafe. Wondering where to go while visiting Lagos on your next trip to Africa's economical capital, or maybe you're a resident looking for the best place to enjoy your outing with friends and family? Look no further than Hard Rock Cafe Lagos - Africa's #1 spot for the best entertainment & cuisine experience of a lifetime.

 Taste the Feeling and Share a  Coke  with  Music Unites Africa

Taste the Feeling and Share a Coke with Music Unites Africa