5 Reasons Why #Deezer Is The App For The 'Now 'n Future' Of Music Streaming

Music is life! It is the audio expression of feelings and emotions through melodies and harmonic tunes. Music is inspiration!! It is the backdrop for every situation. Be it work, pleasure or leisure, music encapsulates every moment of existence. Music is art!!! It is the refinement of thoughts and imagination through the medium of sounds and harmony. In years past, the evolution of music was limited to the number of people who were privileged to hear it. The responsibilities of discovering new and exciting music was outsourced to deejays and mainstream media. Today, music speaks volumes through the speakers of every radio, television and mobile device. There is no doubt that the sudden speed in technological advancement has made music easily and readily accessible to everyone around the world; and maybe...even maybe beyond the boarders of our universe. The internet has played a huge role in fostering an almost level playing field for both major record label artists and independent musicians. A service which has helped tremendously and continues to revolutionize the new global music industry is DEEZER.

Deezer is an internet based music streaming service. It allows music listeners to enjoy unlimited amounts of songs on and offline on various devices anywhere/anytime. Created in Paris - France in 2007, Deezer has grown to be one of the world's leading music streaming service with over 40-million licensed tracks in it's vast-growing library. Founded by Daniel Marhey and Jonathan Bensassaya, Deezer is available in over 180 countries around the world and is constantly expanding its base as leaders of the new wave. The Deezer App is a really cool app to have on your mobile devices and also on your personal computers. Here are 5-reasons why everyone needs the Deezer app on their mobile devices and on their computers.

1.) Slick User Interface:

It's really easy and fun to listen to music on the Deezer app. Whether you're on the go, at home relaxing or meditating, Deezer has everything you'll need to relax and enjoy your music listening session. From New Music Releases to millions of Playlists for every mood and every occasion, Deezer is the total package of music streaming one could ever dream of.

2.) Free and Premium+ Options:

With Deezer, you can enjoy unlimited amounts of music for free anywhere, anytime. You may hear an add or two in-between tracks; that's because the ads you hear help Deezer pay for maintaining their great service and staying in the lead in terms of technology and content. Free services have a cost for those providing the service. But if you'd rather not want any interruptions in your music listening sessions, then Deezer Premium+ is for You! Affordable-Reliable-Adorable, Deezer Premium+ takes music streaming to greater heights of innovation and music consumption.

3.) Online/Offline Mode:

The ability to play music offline from your online music streaming service is simply awesome! This service is only available to Deezer Premium+ subscribers.

4.) Discovering New Music Everyday:

Everyone loves new music. And Deezer prioritizes music tailored to your region and listening preferences. Deezer is the best place to discover new music and catch up with your favorite Pan-African music artiste. Deezer is the app for the 21st Century millennial music lover!

5.) #Top40Africa Playlist-Chart Show:

#Top40Africa is a Pan-African playlist-chart show powered every week on Deezer by MUSIC UNITES AFRICA. Established on World Music Day 2017, the goal is to provide indie and mainstream African artistes a unique and exclusive platform to thrive & be discovered by millions of music consumers around the world. The playlist-chart show is a fresh take on music curation in Africa. As leaders of this new wave, MUSIC UNITES AFRICA is focused on making music listening a pleasurable and memorable one where music lovers won't have to skip a track. From the latest and trendiest songs to sensational music from Africa's young rising talents, #Top40Africa is the place to tune into anywhere/anytime via the Deezer music app.

 Taste the Feeling and Share a  Coke  with  Music Unites Africa

Taste the Feeling and Share a Coke with Music Unites Africa