A Unique Look Into 'Uniekgrace' And Her Gospel EP, "E Go Better"

Uniekgrace + E Go Better + Music Unites Africa.jpg

Urban-Afro gospel musician Uniekgrace, graces Africa and the entire world with this beautifully inspiring music project titled "E Go Better". This 6-track EP emphasizes humanity's need to build a long-lasting relationship with GOD while balancing everyday life day-by-day. Uniekgrace is a unique singer/songwriter from Nigeria. Her stories are touching and true. Uniekgrace uses her life experiences to inspire, motivate and teach young women how to overcome the challenges and struggles of life through JESUS. She empowers the youth via her melodious tunes which resonate well within the hearts of troubling teenagers and young adults. Her music encapsulates love, hope and forgiveness. Uniekgrace fuses one of the main Nigerian languages, Yoruba, as well as broken English that most Africans understand, as well as standard English to pass on her message in her captivating music.

This EP has a common theme which is WORK! People always hope that things will get better. We pray, we talk about it and all but some people don’t put an action to their work. A popular line in the Bible says ‘Faith without work is dead’; and it is true. We should not keep hoping and remain dormant. We should have the attitude of work!
— Uniekgrace

Here's a perfect example; "Survivor (Remix)" is a song by Uniekgrace which brings light into dark and empty hearts. For people who've been through traumatic experiences and heartaches, 'Survivor' is a soul-comforting song which encourages self-forgiveness, self-love and self-worth. Uniekgrace's music isn't ordinary. Her music is life! Socially-conscious while full of spiritual-vitamins for exceptional living. Uniekgrace's music is a wake up call to all those people GOD has blessed with tremendous powers and gifts but fail to develop/use them due to the distractions from chasing after the vanities of this world. It's time to take up the mantle of responsibility and stand up to be counted amongst GOD's Generals. Think of it what you will, but one thing is certain; Uniekgrace is a Gift from Heaven! Her presence here on earth is a blessing to all humanity, and not just Africans alone. Uniekgrace is a grace-filled unique woman with a vision to heal the nations and the world using music. Uniekgrace is special, and that's why we will forever be grateful to GOD for blessing the world with someone as unique as Uniekgrace.

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