Album Review: Here's How Jo Deep's "We Are Deep" Album Is Reconnecting Souls To Christ

Written by :  Aniré Okene

Written by: Aniré Okene

Photo :  Jonathan Ojapa  a.k.a.  Jo Deep

Photo: Jonathan Ojapa a.k.a. Jo Deep

Love is the rhythm of GOD’s heart-beat”… that’s what Jo Deep’s new debut album “We Are Deep” expresses in totality of its entirety. We are never too far off to come back to the LIGHT OF LIFE! Jo Deep is a Nigerian Born Singer-Songwriter; an eclectic creative and performer who uses every word and musical note he knows to share the truths he has learned. His heart for God and people is overwhelmingly poured out in all his artistic works. “We Are Deep” is a melodic reminder about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s an album with a multidimensional facet of genres from Acoustic-Soul, to Soft-Rock, Hip-Hop and a Spoken-word piece which features some of Nigeria’s brightest gospel music artists of our time. This album is a compendium of life, love and hope! In his own words;

“As someone whose life has greatly been influenced and shaped by musical creatives, I crafted the ‘We Are Deep’ album to also influence and shape the lives of the hearers. I have always had the desires to share God’s truth via any medium I lay my hands. This time, via music, I was ready to boldly yell ‘’I’m a Christian!” Not because my parents are! But Because Christ is Real! I know what I believe! I know why I believe! There are proofs! Natural and Supernatural proofs! I Am Deep!”

Photo :  Jo Deep   –   Live in Concert

Photo: Jo Deep Live in Concert

The album starts off with an acoustic song titled “The Prayer” with the lyrics; “Hello GOD, I’m here to talk to You”. It’s an open letter to GOD which reveals the intimate relationship between GOD – our heavenly Father and Jo Deep, His Son. It’s a great mood-setter and a humbling start to a 43-minute musical experience that will reshape your fellowship-relationship with GOD – our heavenly Father and Creator.

Jo’ put it this way;

Many people have done a good job in using the media to downplay the reality and significance of God and Christianity today. I knew that I needed to be faithful by speaking up to pull down every stronghold that exalts itself above Christ Jesus. Every song is intentionally crafted to rightly address certain spaces of doubts in the believer’s life. The intent is to take the believer questioning things from the shallow grounds of doubt to the firm rock on which He shouts “I AM DEEP!"

The team here at MUSIC UNITES AFRICA were privileged to listen to this album a few months before its release and we were all blown-away by the sheer creativity, thoughtfulness and passion put into this colossal project. We were even ready to do a track-by-track review of this album, but at the point of writing this blog-piece, we’re led to let our global audience experience what we’ve been experiencing all this while – which is an amazing musical journey of love, life and hope. Truth is, each song touches deep and sinks right into our souls ‘cos it’s a project that reconnects us to GOD. No matter how far you think you’ve strayed from GOD’s path, “We Are Deep” reminds us all that we are never too far off from GOD’s presence, grace and love. Jo Deep captions this point perfectly; 

“In the creation process, I decided to let the message [words + emotion] of each song design and direct the music into whatever genre best conveys the message so as to challenge my fellow Christian Creative [especially in Nigeria] to break the box of Limitation on their creative expressions. I am very honored to have had a hand full of creative geniuses join-in to create sparks for this revolution.”

Photo :  Jo Deep

Photo: Jo Deep

Jo Deep is a beacon of hope and light to this world and to our generation (even generations yet to come). His flair for the spread of the gospel through his unifying music and passion for compassion, inspires all who come across his songs in finding their path to GOD and reconnecting to the savior of the whole world – Jesus Christ! Jo Deep is an inspiration and mood!

“Hey, how are you doing today?” – “I’m Jo Deep!” 

His charisma allures and his humble-warm nature reflects deep into the mirror of our souls. Jo’ is truly an incredible guy and I daresay role-model in the Body of Christ. Jo Deep features Gamie, Folabi Nuel, Emeka Emele, Vique (of OUTBURST MUSIC GROUP), Phrance, Ore Macaulay (poet, author, spoken-word maestro & extraordinaire), Deborah Efe (of OUTBURST MUSIC GROUP) and Mr. Ibk

We Are Deep” by Jo Deep is a fantastic worship experience in connecting and reconnecting to the SOURCE of all life – Jesus Christ! Download “We Are Deep” from your favorite digital music store and streaming platform. PROUDLY SUPPORTED BY MUSIC UNITES AFRICA.

Album Credit:

Producer: Mr. Ibk of Cos Recording

Co Producers: Jo Deep, Emeka Emele, Dropped D, Olive Calebs, Bode Brown, Morayo Music

Mixed and Mastered: Olives Caleb of @mixwitholives

Supported by: COS Recordings Studio and Showgear Studio

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Aniré Okene is an Author and Founder/President of MUSIC UNITES AFRICA. He is also the Team-Lead and Editor-in-Chief of VOICES OF AFRIKANS.