An Exclusive Review of "HMP"; A Long Awaited Mixtape Project by 7Axle

Ryan "7axle" Allan, producer extraordinaire, supernatural-guitarist and a friend of the Pan-African music revolution kicks off 2017 with a massive mixtape project titled "HMP". Hip Hop inspired and energetic to the core, 7axle races across each track with sublime lyrics, catchy hooks and a great blend of samples from Alicia Keys on the 6th song of the mixtape titled "Keep On Fallin'". Scheduled to be released on January 20th, 2017 (the same day as Donald Trump's inauguration as President of the United States of America), 7axle graced Music Unites Africa and the Neo-Afrikan Voices with an exclusive preview of his latest body of work; something we truly cherish and are honored by. Listen to the preview of "HMP" by 7axle below.

In case you were wondering how this Scottish music maestro connects with the Global Pan-African MOVEMENT/FAMILY of Music Unites Africa and the Neo-Afrikan Voices, Ryan Allan (also known as 7r7 but better known as 7axle) produced a multi-platinum streamed song for our Founder and Global Ambassador, Anire 'P-HYPHA' Okene titled "Familiar Stranger" in 2016. This particular song was recorded as an original soundtrack for Ryan's soon-to-be-released movie titled "Grey Side of Law" and was released as a single on SoundCloud in April of 2016. 

Following the success of "Familiar Stranger", 7axle and P-HYPHA have continued to work together by combining their creativity to create a unique global sound that will unite the world. But 7axle doesn't only produce world class music or direct breathtaking movies, 7r7 is a die-hard hip hop head and his 2017 mixtape project "HMP" shows Ryan's diversity and skills as a conscious emcee. With songs like "I'll Leave You To Your Dealer", "My Prison", "Storytellers" and "I've Opened My Eyes", you can immediately tell that this music project is a conscious record similar to the realness Jay Z's "Magna Carta...Holy Grail" album embodied. All spoken in a third person perspective, "HMP" is different and maybe a hard listen but if you read between the lines, it's a good experience for all music lovers generally. To get a direct download link to 7axle's 2017 mixtape project "HMP" (which will be exclusively available on Datpiff), follow him on Facebook here. Till then, get your minds ready and remember to keep an eye out for "HMP" by 7axle. It's definitely worth the wait!

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