Artist Development: How To Claim And Verify Your Artist Profile on Apple Music

Music is more than entertainment!
— Anire Okene

This year, we're putting more effort to helping independent musicians in Africa get ahead whilst leveling up with artists from across the global music community. In this blog, we'll be sharing a few tips on how to claim your artist profile and get verified on Apple Music.

You may be asking (as we've most often been asked), what does it take to verify an artist's profile on this global music streaming platform and what are the benefits of being recognized by the industry influencers? Most often than not, it doesn't take much really and it's a simple process (that's if you're willing to do a little bit of research). For benefits, we're simply going to spell it out; BRAND IMAGE MANAGEMENT.

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Over the years of helping indie-artists from across the continent gain international exposure, we've noticed an unhealthy trend, which is; most (not all) artists just want to be famous, get seen on TV, get heard on radio and get all the social media buzz they possibly can so they can be called "‘celebs’. We've had artists spend so much money on misplaced priorities just to 'buy fame'; but in the end, the end-goals turn into frustration when things don't work out the way they had hoped. Before we accept new clients for music promotion and brand-management services, our first lines of questioning are; what really is/are your goal(s) for your music? Do you want to increase your streaming numbers for the sole sake of 'being popular'? Or do you want to use your music to impact and change lives positively?!

Music is more than entertainment! Music is a weapon that can heal or destroy lives. Knowing your purpose for your music-brand and having a clear-cut plan for your music career is vital and key in order to truly take your music to the next level. Regardless your vision(s) for your music, there are basic branding etiquettes 21st Century Pan-African artists must adopt in order to get ahead in this very competitive and ever-evolving global music industry. First and foremost, learn to package well!

We'll be touching briefly on artists verification and how to easily get verified on some select music streaming platforms in the coming weeks. Consider this your free consultation sessions.

Apple Music Verification:

Ever searched for an A-list artist on Apple Music and came across their eye-catching "profile photo"? Ever wondered how they got their amazingly glossy photo-ops up there? Ever searched for your own music and all you could find were your song titles and play buttons- nothing as catchy as (let's say) Burna Boy's artist profile for example? Well, if you aren't signed up to a major record label or don't have a sufficient budget to get a professional music marketing company to handle your brand image across all major global platforms, how then can you be able to maximize your 'full streaming potentials'? It's simple! Do some research or in this case, follow the easy do-it steps we'll be laying out below.

*Note: You must have music already distributed to Apple Music or else, it's all pointless!




Create an Apple ID account if you don't have one already (see how to create an Apple ID here)


Follow the simple but effective instructions on the Artists for Apple Music website and submit your request when done!

**Verification usually takes between 5-7 working days (or less depending).

As much as this process is easy and fun, we do understand that a lot of artists still find it difficult to process these key steps in claiming their artist profiles. We've helped so many continental and international artists claim their profiles on Apple Music, Spotify and Shazam and if you're one of such artists who needs our music professionals to help you with this and everything brand-management, feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to be of service (for a small token of course).

Next week, we'll publish HOW TO GET VERIFIED ON SPOTIFY.

For inquiries and representation purposes, contact us here. We're always ready to help African artists take their music careers to the next best level!