Artiste Review:- Multi-Instrumental Musician, Vocalist and Composer, Kibrom Birhane

The timeless words from the diary of the great poet and warrior King Solomon, in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 is re-kindled in the present day and set to music by multi-instrumental musician, vocalist and composer Kibrom Birhane in his second full-length album "Bo Gizzae Lekulu" which is in "Geez" the ancient Ethiopian language and still used in Ethiopian Orthodox Church; translates to "A Time For Everything". 

This highly anticipated second album was born out of Ethiopian Folk music, Saint Yared's Zema, Funk, Jazz, Pop, Soul and Gospel influences. Ethiopian drum grooves and scales created the inspiration drawn from different places that Kibrom has visited in the past. This is vividly expressed in the song "Spirit of Lalibela" which uses Kibrom’s personal recordings of melodic birds liturgy ceremony and resounding bells from his first visit in 2015 to the holy Ethiopian church site of Lalibela. The ancient stone monument is brought to life with the stirring interpretation of the traditional Ethiopian musical scale known as "Anchi Hoye" composed by Kibrom on the Piano and some background vocals accented by Randal Fisher’s soaring notes on the saxophone. 

The popular Ethiopian rhythmic groove and festive dance that accompanies "Eskista" is given a fresh interpretation by Kenyan vocalist, Nasambu Barasa, who brings a Swahili dimension to the hypnotic track calling the people to get up from their chairs, find their joy in the music and move their bodies to the sound of "Masinko" which is an Ethiopian traditional instrument played by Kibrom.

"Song for Abrish" a jazzy, lighthearted tune, is dedicated to Kibrom’s older brother Abrham who is also a musician and was a major source of guidance and support from childhood on in shaping Kibrom’s own musical career. The album closes with "Puagmae" featuring Etsegenet Mekonnen on guitar; which is fitting as it is the name for the last month of the Ethiopian 13-month calendar which only lasts 5 or 6 days in duration and is a time of collective reflection, prayer, and preparation for the coming season.

 Taste the Feeling and Share a  Coke  with  Music Unites Africa

Taste the Feeling and Share a Coke with Music Unites Africa