Artiste Spotlight:- Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter, Carolyn Malachi Releases Visuals for "Blowing Smoke"

Carolyn Malachi returns to executive produce the long-awaited first installment of her groundbreaking RISE album series, Chapter 1: Where You Are. John Malachi narrates the epic sonic-adventure based in Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Spoken Word and GoGo music. Marcus Marshall, Lorenzo Johnson, Brandon Carlyle, Wes Watkins, Jerel Abraham and Branden Jacobs join the team as producers and musicians. Footage from the RISE [Story 1] album cover photo shoot provided by Drew Xeron Photography and Surpass Visuals.

For "Blowing Smoke," a song which reminds us that self-inspiration is perfectly natural, Carolyn Malachi releases visuals inspired by family gatherings, hand dancing and natural hair. Blowing Smoke appears on RISE - Chapter 1: Where You Are - EP (available on Spotify, Google Play, iTunes & AppleMusic)

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