"Black America Again", a Pan-African Music Album by Grammy/Oscar Winner, Common


Revolutionary music at its peak! Common's "Black America Again" album is a musical exorcism ritualized in its finesse and classy instrumentation of compositions. Mind-blowing is an understatement when describing this electric Pan-African music project. Bundled with the uncertainties of the recently concluded U.S. elections, "Black America Again" is a UNIFYING album every black man, woman, and child need listen to religiously in order to get a sense of direction in these dark times.

In simple words, Common's "Black America Again" album is a DOPE musical collage that filters through every emotion and feeling. The lyrical foreplay Common exhibits on this colossal project is SUPREME! The rapper, actor and activist is active and he is on fire!!! Track-8 which is titled "Pyramids" is a revolutionists' favorite! It has that pure undiluted energy which stimulates the spirits of our ancestors to move in favor of THE PAN-AFRICAN MOVEMENT.

Track 15 titled "Letter to the free" speaks softly to the hearts of Africans and African-Americans in ways never heard before. Reminiscent of a post-civil war soundtrack, "Letter to the free" speaks to the heart of power in the world's most powerful nation. Black Lives Matter and we must UNITE AS ONE in order to overcome. Head over to your favorite digital music store to get the new album from Common, "Black America Again". 

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Taste the Feeling and Share a Coke with Music Unites Africa...

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