Cameroon's Starlight 'CYSOUL' Premiers The "Éclosion" Album! [cc: @CysoulOfficiel]

CYSOUL (real name: FOUDA ETOUNDI CYRIL) is a Cameroonian artist whose music captures hearts with his mesmerizing voice and francophone lyrics. Beautiful in all his sounds, CYSOUL's music is gentle and soothing to the soul. Mature in the way he delivers his messages of love and of hope through the power of his powerful music, CYSOUL excels in his passion-filled R&B/Soul music which is truly impressive.

Signed into production under the Pan-African record label 'NUEVO MUNDO AFRICA', CYSOUL premiered his first music project titled "Éclosion" at a press conference on April 24th, 2019 at the French Institute of Cameroon in Douala. An appetizer, fresh and true, this winner of the Goethe Institute Price Discovery 2019 under the category VOICE MUSIC didn't fail to impress massively as each track on this album gently soothes the soul of all who come across his marvelous musical sounds.

The "Éclosion" is a compendium of 7-tailored songs - a journey and an impressive discovery of a 20-year old breath of fresh air in the Pan-African music scene. The "Éclosion" is project that wanders between the French and Cameroonian variety of Afro-pop and rumba, seeing CYSOUL sing songs in three different languages namely; French, English and Ewondo (a dialect in central Cameroon).

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