Diaspora Music:- "Day & Night EP" by Rwandan-Born Emcee, Raiza Biza


Rwandan born rapper and Pan-African music artiste, Raiza Biza released his much anticipated EP titled "Day & Night" on September 11th, 2016. This colossal 6-track project holds hit-singles such as "Get By" (featuring Bianca Paulus) and "Strong Woman" (featuring Mukuka & Villette). To be honest, the entire executive team of MUSIC UNITES AFRICA are huge fans of the Rwandan emcee whose music from the Diaspora encapsulates positivism, hip hop culture, Pan-Africanism and a couple drops of pure dope-vibes, as his lyrical foreplay delivers high doses of euphoria & hallucinogen to all who listen to Raiza Biza's music.

Conscious, informative and genuinely ingenious, Raiza Biza steps up his global hip hop game with songs like "Pray For Me", "Inception" & "Some Days". Undoubtedly one of Africa's brightest and finest emcee, Raiza Biza's "Day & Night EP" is exclusively published by AmmoNation and was executive produced, mixed & mastered by Munashe Tuwe.

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