Dj Switch's "Now or Never" Sheds Light on State of African Hip Hop Music

Man, what happened to rap? Hip hop used to drop bars but now they just dab!
— Shane Eagle
 Photo of Dj Switch - South Africa

Photo of Dj Switch - South Africa

Hip hop music has not lived up to it's reputation in recent times owing to the vast saturation of rap in today's music industry. Growing up to a rich hip hop culture in the 90's, it's hard to see what hip hop music has turned into. There's been so much garbage out there that it's been discouraging to find a creatively crafted hip hop album or song from the motherland that's worth noting. Now, don't get us wrong! African hip hop artistes have grown exponentially in terms of delivery, concepts, creativity and messages in their songs but that's not really been enough to convince true hip hop heads that the future of Pan-African music is in safe hands.

Everyone wants to go commercially mainstream but not everyone's willing to produce Grammy-worthy songs that will indeed put the continent on the map as leaders of the new age hip hop music scene. Maybe it's the fear of losing their fans or creating something totally new and exciting, but whatever it is, it has to change and evolve for the better. African music seems to be stuck in a hole where all we hear is "baby, bend down low" and "shake it for me" type of songs. Singing patterns and punchlines are beginning to sound the same. Our  guess is DJ Switch feels our pain because his collaborative effort featuring Proverb, Kwesta, Reason and Shane Eagle resonates the kind of energy that's been missing in the Pan-African music scene.


DJ Switch's Now or Never video holds scenes of an underground battle-rap contest where each artiste lyrically depicts the current decedent state of African hip hop music as well as showcase their immense talents on the mic. This song was produced by GanjaBeatz and is certified dope (with a lighter and an ashtray to match). 

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