Exclusive Song Review:- "Whole Thing" by South African Rapper, Frank Casino

Frank Casino is no stranger to the Hip-Hop music scene - He’s had his fair stint of ‘mainstream’ hype and paid his dues along the way. When he dropped “Just Before Riches” in September 2015 and released real-life visuals you’d swear he knew what was to follow - The video premiered on MTV Base Africa and caught international media attention. Frank Casino released “Sauce” soon after that, making the video for “Just Before The Riches” a pilot. Many are convinced that this was far and away from a coincidental rookie drop because “Sauce” made it to radio charts just as fast and this collaborated the message behind “Just Before The Riches.” If the 23-year old rapper and producer planned this – and we are convinced he did – cards well-played.


While “Sauce” featuring Priddy Ugly is still climbing the charts, Frank Casino’s most recent release titled “Whole Thing” has bagged him a banner as ‘the next international break-through artist to look out for in Africa.’ The title and the lyrical content of this catchy new sub-genre tune is quiet self-explanatory, Frank Casino wants the whole thing. With an enchanting sound deeply-rooted in the global new school landscape, the song serves as a perfect fit for a debut single tag-line.

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