Song Review: Familiar Stranger by P-HYPHA

Familiar Stranger by Pan-African music artiste, P-HYPHA is an international collaborative-song about a one night stand that seems to last a lifetime. Dedicated to all women of beauty & color. It’s produced by Scottish producer, Ryan Allan and will be featured in Ryan Allan’s audio film “Grey Side of Law”.

Born Anire Okene on September 27th, 1988 in Warri, Nigeria, his love for music and compassion for Africa inspired P-HYPHA to establish Music Unites Africa on the 11th of November 2011, with the soul purpose of Uniting Africa through Music. Music Unites Africa is a Global MOVEMENT of Young Pan-African Leaders with similarly unique visions of transforming Africa positively by reaching out to the hearts of the African Youth in order to create a cerebral & Eco-friendly atmosphere for positive productivity through music, mentoring & humanitarianism. P-Hypha is impacting Africa positively with Music Unites Africa as his platform to promote peace, unity and the hope of a better and brighter Pan-Africa for all Africans. P-Hypha is one of the main-headlining artiste at the forthcoming Music Unites Africa - African Heritage Music Concert which sees him tour Africa & the world with world renowned artistes and members of Music Unites Africa. The messages in his music are positive & inspiring. Click on the birds to follow him on Twitter!