FASHION: 'WavesofAFRO' Release Stunning 2018 Spring-Collection


WavesofAFRO is a multi-media creative hub which aims to showcase content inspired by Nigerian culture and history. Created by Toni Abiru and Michael Basola, WavesofAFRO are superb when it comes to graphic designs, fashion/clothing-line and video contents. They also host some pretty darn amazing feel-good-music which represents the 'new wave' in today's divergent global music culture. WavesofAFRO has recently launched their AFRO 2018 SPRING COLLECTION. It holds 3 different sets of AFRO t-shirts which come in different colors, shapes and sizes. This new set of merchandise aims to showcase the brand which was inspired by the designer, Michael Basola and his home country, Nigeria.

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