Gabon's Sensational Music Group "BGMFK" Premier "Cartel" At No.1 on #Top40Africa


The sensationally breathtaking Gabonese music group ‘BGMFK' kick-start 2019 with a BIG BANG from their January-1st music release, “Cartel”. This song issavibe of Francophone hip-hop and r’n’b which premiers at No.1 on MUSIC UNITES AFRICA’s #Top40Africa playlist-chart on Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify.

"BGMFK" meaning 'Brain (Bantou Rythms And Instrumentation) Gang Money F*ckin Kills' are a group of producers and super talented Gabonese-musicians founded in 2011 in Washington DC by Micky R and Troy. BGMFK 2.0 includes artists like, Micky R, Troy, Jey RspctMe, Yvy Realkiller and Rickbeatz (beatmaker). First known for their 2014 mixtape titled "ZOO", they genre between rap and R’n’B, mixing poetry with their captivating passion for African rhythms, with urban and contemporary sounds. The artists of the group also manage solo carriers which allows them to better reunite for the collaborative projects.

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Their single “Ca ira” which got them entry into Trace Urban's Hip-Hop 10 Africa for the first time in November 2015 playlist resulted in their breakthrough into the global music scene. By the first half of 2016, they went on to release a series of international singles including Mwana Popi, Le Meilleur, Malembe, which aired on MTV, A+ and other international TV channels.

“Malembe”, one of their biggest hit singles quickly caught the attention of big names in the industry, like Pitt Baccardi (a pioneer in the game), Magali Wora (Viacom, ROCKSTAR4000), and Booba (a leading figure in French hip hop scene). Booba would later on play a major role in helping to promote BGMFK on his radio and TV channel (OKLM). In July of 2016, BGMFK released SYSTEM, an 11 track Afrobeat project. Featured artists on this groundbreaking project included; Nix (African Victory), Mike Bgrz (Universal Music), and some amazingly talented Gabonese artists such as Heavenboy, Mosess and MR King. One year later, in August 2017, BGMFK released SYSTEM RELOADED, which comprised of some of the top from of their previous project and included new singles such as Tupac, Encaisse Seulement, Aniambie and My Love.

The group started 2018 by penning a distribution deal between their label Club Clvssic and Universal Music Africa, followed by the release of their international hit-song “Issavibe” featuring Mr. Eazi, reaching the top of Trace TV Hip Hop chart by July 2018. In September of that same year, BGMFK released "2417", paying homage to their beloved Gabon “241” who carried them during “7” symbolic years. This project included big collaborations such as Ghanaian super-star rapper Sarkodie, Locko, Mr. Eazi, Mosess, Mike Bgrz and ADB (of ClubClvssic). This compilation project is a taste of their soon-to-be-released music album due out 2019.

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