Get The Best 'Black Friday' Shopping Deals on MallforAfrica

For those who don't know (and apparently, a lot of people are genuinely unaware); Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving Day and the Friday before Cyber Monday in the United States of America - USA. It is a busy shopping day and is a holiday in some states/regions. In recent times (owing to the technological advancements of science and social media), Black Friday has become a global shopping holiday when everyone gets to buy stuff at outrageous discount prices. Saving for Black Friday has become somewhat of a religion for this writer and for many other tech-savvy geeks alike. It's amazing the amount of amazing deals one can get on Black Friday, knowing fully well as Africans that "Christmas" is closely around the festive corner. In times past, it used to be extremely difficult and sometimes nearly impossible for Africans to partake in this global shopping phenomena, but not anymore thanks to the emergence of MALL-FOR-AFRICA; one of Africa's brightest and most innovative 21st Century startup companies.

Learn how to register, download, launch and use the MallforAfrica app.

MallforAfrica is an online shopping platform that has over 180 USA and UK top online retails stores. You can purchase items ranging from clothing, electronics, health and beauty, jewelries, watches, car parts and much-much more! MallforAfrica is without a doubt the fastest and most reliable way for Africans to get the 'shopping mall experience' without leaving Africa. 

Here's how to purchase items at very friendly shipping rates:

  1. Sign up to MallforAfrica for free here.
  2. Download the app to start shopping or use MallforAfrica's checkout bookmark here.
  3. Select the items you want to buy and add to the cart. For easier navigation, kindly filter by categories on the app. You can filter the stores according to item category or location (UK or US)
  4. Click on 'check out to pay' or 'pay now' either with your local bank card or by using your very own unique MallforAfrica web card.
  5. You can pick up your purchased item(s) at any of MallforAfrica's pick up centers or have your items delivered to your doorstep.

The MallforAfrica app is a convenient, safe, fast way to purchase items directly from US & UK online stores and receive them in Africa. Why travel and shop, when you can do it all from the MallforAfrica app? Shop on the sites you love without concerns of payment, delivery, customs, local customer service and returns. MallforAfrica takes care of it all. You shop, they deliver. Get the MallforAfrica app here to begin shopping for Black Friday and beyond!

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