Gift Reynolds - God in the Streets (Prod. by De-Capo Music Group) (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Good morning Africa! That's what Gift Reynolds - God in the Streets (Prod. by De-Capo Music Group) feels like whenever we watch this African-American inspired-type video. Curtis Lee Reynolds was born to be a star. Growing up a student of the streets on Detroit’s west side, he definitely was no stranger to the streets. As a teenager he was known as a the guy most likely to succeed however he still was not immune to the mentality that plagued his neighborhood and like many of his friends he took to the streets. Gift realized that he wanted to make some changes in his life and head in a new direction with his future. He also realized that writing and acting provided a type of therapy for him and that it was a positive outlet for him.

Because of his charitable persona, people in the hood began calling him Gift. Understanding that he has a new life in front of him, he decided to flip the name and give it new positive meaning … G.I.F.T. meaning God Intended For This. In the year 2000 the superstar Gift Reynolds was born. Armed with a new purpose in life Gift says “Music and acting are universal languages and I intend to communicate to the world” and his main goals in life are now to create incredible music and acting in roles that everyone can relate to. And going back to his humbled roots he attributes his ability to move out of the streets and into the world stage to his family, his new label Harmony Soul Entertainment and the memory of the many friends that he lost to the very streets that he once ran. 

Becoming an entertainer has not only been life changing for Gift, he also credits it with giving him a second chance. With this new opportunity, Gift plans on making an impact by showing young men who may be tempted to follow the path that he once took that there is more to life than just the hood … there is a whole world to conquer … And he plans to do it with his “Gift”!

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