Musical Friends of Africa: Heather Braveman - Diamonds In The Dirt EP

A piano version of the title track from my Diamonds In The Dirt EP.

Heather Braveman is a wonderful singer and a tremendous songwriter from the east coast of America living the west coast dreams. She's a dear friend of the Music Unites Africa community and her music is simply heavenly and too breathtaking to ignore. Usually, we're all things African but Heather's music cuts across ethnicity and skin-color. Watch her latest video for her brand new song off the track-titled EP - Diamonds In The Dirt

This EP feels like every part of me. No censoring, no doubts. Every sound and every thought came together to create something whole and complete, taking everything I love about music. The rhythm, the changes. Every song and lyric is taken from a moment in the whirlwind that is this bizarre crazy life. I don’t believe in predicting the future. I think everything happens for a reason. I take all the good, all the bad and all the unbelievable and carry it with me every day and use it to hopefully make something that resonates, making all the larger than life feelings make sense. I’m so grateful for every moment, good or bad. Don’t regret anything - just go. I dove into this like a free fall with a blindfold and I’m so happy where I landed. Every person that contributed and brought me to where I am, I truly can’t be more thankful. Life can be a roller coaster, a free fall, a walk in the park, a party, and so many things in between. I just try to put it together like a puzzle with a vibey track and the lyrics that capture the screenshots of life like Polaroids.
— Heather Braveman - Diamonds In The Dirt EP

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