Here's a Track-by-Track Review of Falana's "CHAPTER ONE EP" [cc: @falanamusic]

The soothing good-feel-vibe “CHAPTER ONE EP” by FALANA is a beauty to boldly listen to. Her charisma clearly rubs off on this retro but futuristic music project. Falana is a conscious Pan-African music artist whose sounds stem from the heavens above. Her styles of music are simply breathtaking and literally out of this world. Her attention to detail and the delivery of her lyrics, melodies and harmonies are captivating and heart-pulsating to say the least. In this track-by-track review, we'll look at each track from a fan-perspective ('cos lets be honest, we're such huge fans of this amazing Super-Dupa-Wonder-Woman). So without further delay, let's delve into the “CHAPTER ONE EP” by Falana.

Starting off with "REPEAT", the Afro-soul singer/songwriter serenades this track with vibrant lyrics that inspire lost souls to rediscover who they are in this lost but fun world. "And when I need a shoulder / I'll get down unto my knees" ... "This sunshine, you really won't faze me / This sunshine, you really won't shade me" - are lyrics which hit hard but yet settle-in so softly with each passing melody and strings; taking you on a journey to a planet floating 15-million miles away. No pun-intended here but “REPEAT” is a song you'll definitely put on repeat without hesitating + the visuals of this song just give it a whole new dimension to it's expressionism and message conveyed in this well- orchestrated musical composition.

"SHINE ON" is the second song on this 5-track EP. It starts off with the lyrics; "It's a new day baby / so shine on - shine on!" and then, the African drums kick-in creating an ambiance similar to an African-Caribbean tribal song. The back-ups are heavenly & angelic. Falana has a way of making music sound like a soundtrack from a 1960 Hollywood movie. The girl knows how to sing! Her packaging is totally different and refreshing and her aura resonates all over this song with it's gentle piano-rollings and African drummings. She hums so beautifully in the bridge and back-ups, putting listeners in a trans-like state. You'd be lost in thought that you barely realize when the song comes to an end. And with its conclusion, comes the beginning of my favorite song off this EP, "GIVE INTO YOU".

Falana - Chapter One EP - Music+Unites+Africa.jpg

"GIVE INTO YOU" is so emotionally gripping. It literally gives me goosebumps as I write about it. Guitars, pianos and drum-sticks. It's such a beautiful love song that glows off happiness and hope - hope that there indeed will be an happy-ever-after at the end of it all. It almost feels like Falana is singing to me, telling me that she'll give into me, but only if I want her to. The way the guitar-solo starts off this song sets this ambiance of romance and destiny. Falana let's down her hair on this song as the horns announce her arrival on the international music stage as a unique Afro-Soul/Afro-Jazz singer/songwriter. This song sends shivers down my spine and it's by far one of her most captivating works thus far (in my opinion). It's a romantic lullaby filled with cupid's bow and arrows.

Falana - Chapter One EP + Music-Unites-Africa.jpg

"Get Up" is a revolutionary-conscious song. It starts off with the lyrics; "You wonder why you're still in - grace / then wonder why you're stuck in - chains", "You let your mind become a mess / when all you do is second - guess" It has this reggae/Bob Marley feel with a touch of Fela sprinkled on its productions. "They gonn' try and break this / they can't break us down" "They gonn' try to stop this / fight another round, so GET UP!". All through this EP, Falana's lyrics have been poetically energized to inspire the hearts of all who fall under the hypnotic-spell of her soothing-melodious voice. This song feels like an Afro-Juju type-track and her transcendence throughout this song is as fluid as the Atlantic ocean. THIS SONG IS FIRE and we're here for it!

Falana + Chapter One EP + Music+Unites+Africa.png

The final song on Falana's "CHAPTER ONE EP" is "RIDE OR DIE (EXTENDED EDIT)". It's a jiggy track I’ve been vibing to all day! It's a revolutionary love song which reiterates "GIVE INTO YOU" a whole lot in the sense that Falana reaffirms her love and undying loyalty to the love of her life, me [ I wish ;-) ]. I love Falana so much because her music is purely straight from her heart. It's classy and worthy of international accolades. Scratch-that, Falana's music is extra-terrestrially out of this world and extraordinarily special in every way! The Spanish/high-life feel-good-vibe coupled with her Afrocentric lyrics make for a perfect combination of classical music in a 21st Century Pan-African way.

Falana - Chapter One EP - Music-Unites-Africa.jpg

Falana is the NOW and the FUTURE of Afro-Soul, Afro-Jazz and Afro-Juju music. Not one to compare but her sounds remind me of another of my favorite music groups, IBEYI. Falana is a beauty to behold and a sweet-sweet voice to have serenading your membrane every now and again. Her latest EP - CHAPTER ONE is a classic body of work that's innovative, creative and energetic. Wondering what all the buzz is about? Then download Falana's CHAPTER ONE EP here from your favorite digital music store.

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