Here's A Track-by-Track Review of McSkill ThaPreacha's "THE 9TH CHAPTER" Album


Saying THE 9TH CHAPTER by Nigerian hip-hop/story-telling sensation, McSkill ThaPreacha is GANGSTA, might be taken out of context. So we're going to modify that word in this blog adding this; THE 9TH CHAPTER is a masterpiece of intellectual prowess aimed at liberating the 21st Century Pan-African Youth from the prehistoric concepts of mental slavery and self-inhibitions. We’ve taken a lot of time digesting this colossal music project and we’re ready to let you know what we think and feel about it. So without further delay…



TRACK-1: "Note To Self

This song starts off THE 9TH CHAPTER on a high with energy ripping through the speakers.

I do rap cos i love it, trust me i ain't doing this to please ya
Still hate? I just rise up above it. Note to self i always gotta love me
Got to do what i love first, gotta gotta find peace in myself word
Gotta take care my fam, gotta spread a positive vibe with God's word, now that's love

(Note to this writer’s self; Stormatique’s heavily laced hard-ripping beats are off the rector on this one).

TRACK-2: "Work"

“WORK” featuring Roey is no doubt one of the hardest hitting hip-hop bangers of 2018!!! Argue with your favorite music app why-don’t-ya... this hard-hitting STORMATIQUE instrumentals sounds majestically triumphant; and Roey kills the hook with a performance worth a thousand standing ovations. It's the first song you want to listen to every morning before work to motivate you on achieving your daily goals. Explicitly dope, this song shows McSkill ThaPreacha's versatility and fluidity in rap. Mixed with English and vernacular, "WORK" is THE street anthem for the everyday hustler.

TRACK-3: "Listen To The Kids"

"Listen To The Kids" is a conscious song with addresses dream killers heads-on. It features Switzerland based Justina Lee Brown serenades the beat with her simmering vibe and trans-like aura. Powerful and touching, "Listen To The Kids" tells the tales of broken kids from broken homes, highlighting parents and guardians who don't believe in the dreams of their children; and who do not listen to the challenges their kids go through at such tender ages. McSkill low-key addresses mental health on this song (which is a much needed message seeing as today's youth are dying daily from substance abuse and overdose, attempting to mask their pain - pain a lot of us are afraid to share).

TRACK-4: "1-Hunnid"

"1-Hunnid" is this writer's favorite song off THE 9TH CHAPTER album. It starts off with popular Nigerian comedian and actor Lasisi Elenu ranting about being the greatest battle-rapper alive. Afro-Trap (NOT mumble-rap), "1-Hunnid" is GANGSTA to the core. Laced with heart-thumping 808's and a piano sequence that gets you nodding your head in approval in no time, "1-Hunnid" is a mature club-banger with lots of extra sauce.

I stay scheming, i stay humble, i stay winning
I stay live in the mix, my DJ stay spinning
I stay strapped on the beat, its obvious I'm bringing out the heat
Without the fuckin' 30 in my hip
Riding, riding the beat, vibing inside of my whip
Hate on my shit? End up right on my list
What do i mean? I get under your skin
Tear you apart like a grinding machine
Keep it 1-hunnid for all of my team
Supernatural, you heard about me
Click! Clack! Bang! No sirens

TRACK-5: "Real Talk"

"Real Talk" is this writer's favorite song off THE 9TH CHAPTER album. And No! You're not seeing double. Every song on this album is truly this writer's favorite song off THE 9TH CHAPTER. *Sigh*… Alas, the tribulations of being presented a golden body-of-work. Oh, what a joy! Anyways, "Real Talk" has no hook! Just straight up-bars! A roller coaster rap-marathon to say the least, "Real Talk" features African-American rapper ShayJToday who tears up the song, ripping it to shreds. This guy has no joy!

TRACK-7: "Death To Mumble Rappers"

"Death To Mumble Rappers" featuring the high-buzzing Nigerian rap phenom Payper Corleone, has a remarkable semblance to having Nas and Rakim on a Dj Premier track in 2018. They kick bars back-2-back, dribbling through verses seamlessly with fluidity of mind and intellect. Energetic bars bringing light and truth to mind.

[Payper Corleone]
I’m not a fan as well
Smack him in the face & jaws
I came for war
Snatch him out his chains of course
We the wolves
You see them hopping out with fangs of course
You’re not fit for the culture, have a change of course

[MCskill ThaPreacha]
I call their bluff and sometimes i give em a hug
Give em a shot in kicking real rap of course
I'm here to redeem, now follow me, let's begin
Look into my mind, with your third eye from within (yeah)


Revolutionary and inspiring.

TRACK-7: ”Oppressors"

”Oppressors" is a conscious song about the political miscarriage in Nigeria. It basically calls out the hypocrisy in the system highlighting how the youth are being misled, manipulated and discarded without regard by our leaders and so-called ‘role-models’. And it doesn't just stop with politicians and public office holders, it addresses every sector of life both private and public; people in authority who have a certain responsibility to society but fail to make good the use of these opportunities to help better and develop the lives of others.

Its 10'o clock, switch on the TV to watch the news
All i see are damn oppressors, all up in designer suits
And agbada, icy wristwatch, Italian shoes
They all sellouts, politicians are prostitutes
They switch political parties, we can't afford to eat sardines
They host political rallies, keep wasting all our damn money
A few years, they back on the block, that perfect timing
To campaign and we fall again, the anomaly
I don't blame my people sometimes its poverty
That makes us vulnerable, causes more than agony
Its so crazy, no jobs, no fucking salaries
Oppressors getting fat on the national cake calories

This song is the truth!

TRACK-8: “Memories

McSkill ThaPreacha takes us back in time with "Memories". Re-walking his glorious past/path from selling CD's hand-2-hand while rap-battling from basement to basement, to colossal THE 9TH CHAPTER album - a classic body-of-work beyond doubt. McSkill ThaPreacha flexes his lyrical muscles on this one, waving his magical wand of smooth story-telling and imaginative capturing. So let’s take you down memory lane with an album art display of all of McSkill ThaPreacha’s album/mixtape projects:

TRACK-9: "Level IX"

"Level IX" is fire!!!!!! Another rap-marathon that takes you on a voyage into the future through the eyes of the SUPERNATURAL McSkill ThaPreacha. The 9-minute song feels like 3-songs in one with a proverbial skit-message from the legendary hip-hop icon KRS-ONE. And word to Mother Africa, first instinct is to press play all over again. Could it be that Africans have been sleeping on this great intellectual music mind for the past decade? 'Cos listening to this album has us researching all the way back to McSkill ThaPreacha's earliest music catalog. McSkill is Top-5 Dead-Or-Alive! And when you think you're in tune with this Nigerian MC, he switches gears swiftly again putting you in a trans-like state, deep in thought dissecting every rhyme and punchline with intricate savor.

TRACK-10: "Mic Check 2.0"

"Mic Check 2.0" featuring Mic Dailie has that Mode-9 feel we’ve all been craving for. (Side thought: wouldn't it be great to listen to a MODE-9 and McSKILL THAPREACHA song produced by STORMATIQUE?). True to its name, "Mic Check 2.0" is a hip-hop-head favorite that checks every loop hole in the hip hop culture. A resounding conclusion to a high intense album project.

McSkill ThaPreacha is Top-5 Dead-Or-Alive!
— #Top40Africa Music Editor

TRACK-11: "Trust The Process"

"Trust The Process" is a soothing finale to THE 9TH CHAPTER, It features Nigerian soul-singer Freeborn. This song caresses the earbuds with its astral-terrestrial vibes while capturing your imaginations as McSkill ThaPreacha lifts off into the galaxy far-far away with his storytelling/hard-hitting punches in an attempt to take us along with him on a voyage across the stars. And we’re off!


In conclusion, "THE 9TH CHAPTER" is a humbling experience to share and savor. Produced, Mixed and Mastered by McSkill ThaPreacha’s Day-1 producer STORMATIQUE, THE 9TH CHAPTER is a revolutionary undertaking in cementing McSkill ThaPreacha as a principality and authority in today’s Pan-African music scene. An album we gladly share with you!