Here's What Happens When 'Creativity + Passion + Digital Marketing Meets Consistency'

Written by:   Aniré Okene

Written by: Aniré Okene

Photo:  Burna Boy

Photo: Burna Boy

Creativity is way more than an “idea”. Creativity is a lifestyle! It’s the way we innovatively create new and exciting ways to ensure that our “art” isn’t being slept-on. Being a creative isn’t just hard work; it’s our life’s work. So, just imagine this;


The answer is simple;PROGRESSIVE SUCCESS!

In a world where the attention-span of a regular online user is short and attention is being desperately sort after, the opportunity to get in front of people’s screens and minds is a fast-growing trend in this social-digital media atmosphere. So the question therein lies; HOW DO YOU GET YOUR PRODUCTS (in this case, your music and music brand) OUT THERE?

In this article, we’ll take a prime example from one of Africa’s fast-Rising Greats, YEGA.

Photo:  Adeyemi Adegboyega Anthony  a.k.a.   Yega

Photo: Adeyemi Adegboyega Anthony a.k.a. Yega

Yega is a Pan-African music artist whose charisma appeals to the 21st Century Afrocentric audience in Africa. His songs and sounds, coupled with his amazing persona, makes for an incredible artistic brand-image. However, Yega isn’t sleeping on a bicycle. For the past few years, Yega has been leveraging brilliantly on his strong online presence and growing fan-base by not just releasing ‘hit-after-hit-after-hit’, but he’s been super-creative with his content creation and curation strategies.

For his latest groundbreaking single, “Boyfriend of The Year”, Yega has been releasing some really amazing skit-videos which capture the theme of the song in creative ways. At the time of writing this article, he’s released 5-eye-candy Instagram videos which have raked in a whopping 10.2k+ views (minus impressions and comments) in less than 3-weeks of its release. The actual song itself has earned a commendable 35k+ views on YouTube alone (and that’s minus Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify and other major digital music platforms).

In April of 2019, Yega’s creative prowess earned him a major call-up from one of Nigeria’s growing sensations, Teni The Entertainer on her Canadian Tour. This was a huge breakthrough for one of Pan-Africa’s rising greats! This was huge!!!

When hard work and creativity meets preparedness (readiness), there’s a surge of energy that the universe releases your way and doors of opportunities begin to open up to you. It’s mind-blowing when you factor-in all the growing record labels, artists and creatives who are constantly competing for the same spot, time-slot and attention. Yet, only those who consistently persevere creatively and innovatively make it into that 3% of successful mainstream artists. And only a fraction of these 3-percenters make it into the global music scene successfully.

Success doesn’t just come overnight! Success is only truly secured when PREPARATION MEETS OPPORTUNITY. That’s why at MUSIC UNITES AFRICA, we enjoy creating opportunities for our music artists and brands. Where words fail, music speaks! By subscribing to our DIGITAL MARKETING PLAN FOR AFRICAN ARTISTS, creatives are guaranteed a successful continuous-strategic growth to their music brands. Here at MUSIC UNITES AFRICA, we thrive on creating effective-custom brand strategies for African musicians whilst promoting some of Africa’s most talented music talents to the world. It really isn’t just about create-post-share! It’s a whole lot more than that. It’s our digital marketing and branding team spending sleepless nights creating brand strategy to boost your music-brand. It’s our editorial team spending countless hours ensuring that each review and blog we post about your music on our website and on our Apple News Channel, hits the right target audience that’ll discover and support your music brand. It’s our creative directors spending the night at the office to ensure we have a remarkable pitch for your music growth. It’s our entire creative development staff dedicating painstaking hours and efforts to ensure that you the artists have your focus fixed on creating more amazing music for your fans.

Let   MUSIC UNITES AFRICA    handle  your brand’s  Digital Music Marketing Strategies .

Let MUSIC UNITES AFRICA handle your brand’s Digital Music Marketing Strategies.

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Aniré Okene is an Author and Founder/President of MUSIC UNITES AFRICA. He is also the Team-Lead and Editor-in-Chief of VOICES OF AFRIKANS.