Here's Why "Faya Dance" by Adegboyega Is The Hottest Afro-Beat Tune Right Now!

Afro-beat singer/songwriter and saxophonist, Adegboyega lit 2017 ablaze with his hit track "Faya Dance". The video is electric and reminiscent of the great Afro-Beat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. But that's not all! Adegboyega's music history and style is something we're all thrilled about. His unique styles of music and persona spreads across his humble lifestyle. Exporting African culture and heritage through music has been his 'major key' in making greats waves continentally while reaching out to the rest of the world through digital music marketing and sync licencing. Adegboyega's rise to fame and fortune wasn't an easy we'll let him share during the course of the "Faya Dance" era. Until then, here's an exclusive BEHIND THE SCENES footage of Adegboyega and his visual production team as they shot "Faya Dance" in Africa's Number-1 music cultural heritage-site; THE NEW AFRIKA SHRINE.

If you haven't watched "Faya Dance" video by Adegboyega yet, you've definitely been sleeping under a rock! Go hit the play button below NOW for maximum inspiration/entertainment by the vibrant young Pan-African talent known as Adegboyega.

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Taste the Feeling and Share a Coke with Music Unites Africa