Here's Why "Softly" by Toby Feat. TriQ Is A Song Of The Now And The Future

Softly X Triq.JPG

The Neo-Afro vibes which is swiftly taking over the global music industry is a soothing rhythmic feel which climaxes at the point where sound meets magic. Toby (real name: Tobi Omowole - a young singer/songwriter from Ondo State, Nigeria) is a perfect example of THE NEW WAVE. His music is adored by young music listeners all over. Independent music artistes are stepping up their music business management strategies and creativity as they approach the music market with a global state of mind. Fused in pure undiluted inspiration and a finely cut production sound, artists like Toby are rare and hard to find.

"Softly" by Toby is a perfect feel-good music which features one of MUSIC UNITES AFRICA's featured artists of 2017, TriQ. The Afro-Caribbean type-feel-song breathes life into the ultra-urban 21st Century Pan-African youth-filled world. Sprinkled with stardust and sunlight, "Suffri" is a beautiful song which speaks volumes about the love and beauty between young adorable lovers. Make no mistake, we didn't get the titles of this song wrong. "Softly" and "Suffri" are the same thing! The track title (which was originally labeled in the Nigerian Pidgin - an English-based pidgin and creole language spoken as a lingua franca across Nigeria) was fine-tuned at the point of digital music distribution for the sake of easy-search access. So don't get that twisted!

Toby's take on music is refreshing and very much appreciated. It's a much needed upgrade to an industry void of renewed newness. We all know how hard it is for upcoming independent musicians in Africa to be heard, respected, payed handsomely for the intellectual property and honored for their ingenuity and sheer creative versatility. Artists literally have to punch and fight their way into the mainstream music market - which to be honest has always been the norm of this vicious music industry. But things don't always have to remain the same forever. Artists like Toby and TriQ are breaking new frontiers thanks to digital music monetization. With publishing administration, licensing and marketing opportunities being accessible, indie-artists are making new waves with their music and breaking geographical and cultural boundaries at the same time. It's almost as if there's a level playing field in today's music market. Something Toby and TriQ are clearly taking full advantage of.