Here's Why TriQ's "Leap Of Faith" Is Preserving Pan-African Hip-Hop Culture

TriQ - Leap Of Faith.jpg

TriQ OtaBenga, one of MUSIC UNITES AFRICA's FEATURED ARTISTS OF 2017 lights up 2018 with his all-new hip-hop tune, "Leap Of Faith". The State of Hip Hop has never been in good shape after hearing this song. Especially the hip hop community in Nigeria! TriQ is a young-vibrant Nigerian rapper with big dreams and ambitions for his music. His saucy lyricism coupled with his timeless flow makes this Pan-African Hip-Hop eMCee a prospect to watch out for this year and beyond. Listen to "Leap Of Faith" by TriQ and witness greatness at the birth of its peak.

"Leap Of Faith" has a mature old-skool vibe-feel to it. It embodies the growth and influence of hip-hop culture over time on today's youths. Hip Hop is and has always been a weapon for the BLACK RACE. It's always been Africa's medium to fight-back against the oppression of our oppressors, and to give hope to the hopeless while bravely voicing out the cries of the voiceless to a world devoid of love and human compassion. Hip Hop will never die! Not when artists like TriQ OtaBenga continue to inspire and motivate the world through music. Hip-Hop is more than just a music genre. Hip Hop is a Culture! Like the new Migos "Culture II" album intro-chorus says; "Higher we go, beg and plead for the culture".