How 4G LTE is Shaping the Future of African Entrepreneurs Online!

The internet may be a cool way to communicate and make friends but there's so much more to the internet than most people realize. There are so many legitimate ways of making money and expanding one's business online but that takes practice, ingenuity and a whole lot of access to the internet at an affordable rate and reliable speed. Which is why the introduction of the Long Term Evolution (LTE) also known as the 4G LTE comes at a pivotal time in Africa's fast-developing e-commerce economies. 4G LTE is a standard set for high-speed wireless communication for  smartphones, tablets, netbooks, notebooks and wireless hot-spots terminals. 4G LTE is 10 times faster than 3G; 4G LTE  averages up to 1,000-Megabits per second (Mbps) while actual use may be in the region of 100 Mbps. So what does this mean for young African entrepreneurs who depend on the web to sustain and grow their business-base daily? 4G LTE fast-speed internet technology means that young Africa entrepreneurs can compete on a global scale when it comes to e-commerce. And even though there are still a lot of restrictions for African countries and what we have access to on the web, this new found acceleration of mobile/internet entrepreneurship will no doubt uplift the spirits of young business people. (Here's an example of internet restrictions on African countries: PayPal accounts in Nigeria and in other African countries still can't receive payments via the secure platform. Receiving payments for services rendered and provided through online platforms still boils down to Western Union money transfers/Money Gram or World Remit). Cost of internet data (bundles) is another factor which directly affects the progress of internet usage in African countries. Depending on your region and internet service provider, the cost of maintaining one's internet subscription varies and most often, costs a lot of money.

Africans are gradually finding their feet in today's global online-market place and having a reliable and affordable internet service provider can sometimes prove the difference between being a reliable startup company or an undesirable one. Understanding the dynamics of internet marketing and service provision are key tools in guaranteeing the success of any startup company in Africa. Everything's online these days. Whether it's fashion, music, sports, beauty and health or religion, everything's finding it's place in cyberspace. The possibilities of reaching people in far East-Asia and Australia with the stroke of a "click" is a phenomenal technological-advancement the world didn't see coming. Professional businesses are hiring young people who know how to use social media to generate leads to engage prospective consumers, design amazing graphics for brand campaigns and use the internet to gather information for governments, organizations and corporations.

There's space for everyone in cyberspace but taking advantage of the opportunities therein falls solely on individuals who have great vision and ideas. Whether it's building a network, discovering new and exciting things or finding true love, the internet the 'holy grail' of the 21st Century technology. The future of Africa is bright, depending on how we Africans utilize on today's technology and resources available at our disposals. The world has gone mobile, and Africa's is on the rise as mobile technology spreads all over the continent like wildfire.

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Taste the Feeling and Share a Coke with Music Unites Africa