Inspire Africa - In Honor of Mother Africa Vol.1

Indeed Africa is the future but what is the future of Africa?
— Anire Okene

Africa has never known peace. Peace is not the absence of war. War is the catalyst for the instigation of peace. For decades, Africa has been under siege; an economical siege so great, we somehow forgot to upgrade our minds, refine our oil, till the blessed soils of our fertile lands and worse of all, we forgot to take care of our widows and minister comfort to our orphans. We cry out to the West for aid when in truth, we consciously choose to ignore the needs of the needy while we enrich ourselves with public funds. We treat each other like trash but regard the white man so highly. How can there be peace when we choose war?

Modern Africa does not accept this great anomaly. Modern Africans (the 21st century Pan-African youth) wants Africa back but we face a great challenge in the helms of governmental leadership. Let's face it, our leaders haven't set good examples to follow. The stigma of corruption lingers on exponentially even if we act like we're "getting rid of the problem". Here's a question; why are our ancient artifacts still in foreign museums; spiritually artistic art that we can't take back for some unknown reason(s). Why?

Africa isn't free! Africa is a modern day slave hub built by Europeans and Anglo-Saxons. Our resources, our manpower, our minds, our women and our youth are all being exploited. It's amazing when you do proper research and you discover what Africans are capable of creatively. Indeed Africa is the future but what is the future of Africa? 


Africa is like a man who leaves the construction of his home to help a friend build theirs. Africa is blessed but why is there so much hate and strife among Africans? Why is there so much poverty amidst so much great wealth and natural resources; vast lands & rivers. It takes just ONE man to change the destiny of a nation. Imagine when we all embrace the calling of Mother Africa and deliver her out of the hands of her Fowler. Imagine a Peaceful United & Prosperous Africa where one passport - one currency - one love dominate.

Imagine a time when we can all concentrate our efforts towards achieving great successes for our great continent, Mother Africa. We cannot all be helpless at the same time! We cannot continue to give vague excuses why we can't motivate and inspire each other into becoming greater Kings & Queens of Mother Africa. There is now therefore no more time for laxity! Focus and develop your talents, because it is through your art and heart that the change we desperately so desire can begin to come into effect. Be inspired by the chastisement of Mother Africa. Our sufferings are not in vain. We have a mandate to prepare the future generations for a great journey and battle ahead. We must cease to be selfish in our thinking, actions and legacy. We must sacrifice our all for the greater good of the black race and of Mother Africa. Blessed is he who blesses the name of Africa. Together, Our Voices can and will be ONE!

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