Introducing Pan-African Music Artiste 'Oolar' - The Sound Of FREEDOM!

Oolar - Freedom.PNG

Oolar (real name: Olamide Akinwunmi) is a soul singer and songwriter from Nigeria. Oolar's music is heavenly! It evokes PEACE and LOVE and represents something greater than just music. Oolar's music symbolizes Unity. For her, music means so much more! It is an avenue for this young Pan-African Wonder Woman to spread positive messages of love and hope through her heartwarming songs. Breathtaking in every sense of the word, Oolar's "Freedom" is transcending. Imbibed in African Soul - AfroSoul music, this culturally rich tune inspires the world to love and live in peace with one another. "Freedom" is Oolar's first official music release since she began singing. Her passion for music and the potentials it can reach has led Oolar down this adventurous path in life. She aims to impact the world positively, uniting peoples of all cultures, ethnicity and belief-systems together through her music. Produced by Nobong D'synth, "Freedom" was born out of the recent killings all around the world and the need for understanding and Love to be able to fight this emotional and terrifying war. "Freedom" was released on the 1st of October, 2017 to mark Nigeria's 57th Year of Independence and to give hope to the world that the change we so badly crave for - which is in our hearts, needs to be shown through love and peace for this world to be a better place! Without further delay, Listen to the astonishing Oolar on her debut single, "Freedom". Enjoy!