#LGBTAfrica - A Fight For The Rights Of Individuals & Freedom Of Humanity!

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender - LGBT community in Africa is on the rise! Everyday, more and more people are coming out of the closet to declare their sexuality regardless of how it's being frowned on in and around the continent due to religious beliefs & upbringing. The LGBT community like every other human class or race have equal rights in society. That is; there shouldn't be any form of bias or discrimination as seen by the eyes of the Human Rights Watch Group and the United Nations. But alas, this is Africa; a land where prehistoric barbarianism still occurs despite the growing pace of integration with the WEST and with the world.

The discrimination against and persecution of the LGBT community here in Africa is criminal and must be stopped simply because; you cannot take away the rights of an individual and the freedom of their humanity just because their sexual orientation doesn't align with yours. You can't dictate to people how they should live their lives! For the simple fact that no one dictates to you how you should live yours should give you the wisdom to understand and respect other people's choice of lifestyle and of love no matter what your feelings about it or them may be.

The #LGBTAfrica community are treated unfairly in 33-African countries namely;

1 Algeria
2 Angola
3 Botswana
4 Burundi
5 Cameroon
6 Comoros
7 Egypt
8 Eritrea
9 Ethiopia
10 Gambia
11 Ghana
12 Guinea
13 Kenya
14 Liberia
15 Libya
16 Malawi (enforcement of law suspended)
17 Mauritania
18 Mauritius
19 Morocco
20 Namibia
21 Nigeria
22 Senegal
23 Sierra Leone
24 Somalia
25 South Sudan
26 Sudan
27 Swaziland
28 Tanzania
29 Togo
30 Tunisia
31 Uganda
32 Zambia
33 Zimbabwe

In 2015, Mozambique decriminalized homosexuality. LGBT people in Nigeria experienced violence and abuse under the shadow of an extreme anti-LGBT law. In Gambia, home of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, gay men and lesbians fled a politically motivated crackdown. Developments at the United Nations give insight into global trends and emerging patterns on matters relating to sexual orientation and gender identity. On September 29 2015, at a high-level LGBT core group event at UN headquarters, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon delivered an impassioned plea for the protection of LGBT people worldwide, and on the same day 12 UN agencies issued a joint statement on combating violence and discrimination against LGBT and intersex people – the first of its kind. 

Africa is a land of core values and this unfortunately gives cover for inhumane assaults and attacks against it’s LGBT community.
— Neo-Afrikan Voices

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