McSkill ThaPreacha Pioneering New Era of Revolutionary Music With "The 9th Chapter" Album


The identity of hip hop has always been debated. Who's the better emcee? Who rules the 'rap-kingdom'? Who's the dopest rapper in Africa? And as the sun illuminates the world, so does hip hop! And while the debate about "who's better?" tarries on, Nigerian born international hip-hop star 'McSKILL ThaPreacha' transcends all that hype with the release of his 9th studio album; "THE 9TH CHAPTER".

Since 2010, McSKILL ThaPreacha has been on the grind dropping gem after gem of pure hip-hop music in a quest to reinstate the integrity and pedigree hip hop had lost since the advent of 'mumble-rappers' and 'beat-wasters'. McSkill (pronounced: eMcee-SKILL THA PREACHA) is taking hip hop music in Africa to universal heights with "THE 9TH CHAPTER" album.

Revolutionary in composition and compilation; "THE 9TH CHAPTER" re-establishes McSKILL ThaPreacha has a passionate principality in today’s hip-hop community, placing him with the likes of KRS-ONE, Rakim and Nas. YES! McSkill ThaPreacha is on that astral-extraterrestrial level. He's dope + a key of dope added to the mix. With hit-songs such as; "Work", "1-Hunnid", “Death To Mumble Rappers” and "Real Talk", McSkill ThaPreacha is pioneering a new era of revolutionary music in today’s entertainment industry. With mind blowing songs like "Listen To The Kids" and “Oppressors”, we'll break down in-detail every song and it’s annotations in our follow-up review blog.