Meet Thutmose, Nigerian Born-Brooklyn Raised Rapper Who Destroyed Kendrick Lamar's "Humble"

We turn our attention this week to Nigerian born-Brooklyn raised rapper, Thutmose. After watching this young rap-assassin's deadly freestyle over Kendrick Lamar's "Humble" beat, it was only logical the the Neo-Afrikan Voices team here at MUSIC UNITES AFRICA's HQ delve a little bit deeper into Thutmose's intriguing style music.

Thutmose from what we've heard and seen thus far is an exceptional music act. The young African-American reminds us of a younger more-vibrant Joey BadA$$ in his rawest essence. Thutmose is a breath of fresh air to African-related music. "We dey claim the boy because the he get everything to take be the greatest rapper of all time!". Bright young talents are everywhere now a-days but it's obvious Thutmose is on a mission to conquer the music world with his unique styles and blends of music culture.

Thutmose's 2016 release "American Beauty (Overdose)" is a dope song which literally lit the Neo-Afrikan Voices Newsroom on fire! While the team worked on various music projects and editorials for MUSIC UNITES AFRICA and our media partners at MIXTAPE AFRICA, the editorial team couldn't help but notice our staffs and clients nodding in-sync with Thutmose's Trap hit-song. "Mississippi Masala" is another soft jam we're really glad we got to listen to today. Laced with soul vibes and immersed in real hip hop music, "Mississippi Masala" in our opinion is Thutmose's international breakthrough contemporary rap song which was executed with  a touch of class and finesse in terms of delivery and visuals. The video is amazingly dope and we recommend you watch it here, now!

Want to keep up with one of Africa's rising son/sun, then Follow Thutmose on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and YouTube.


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