MUSIC FROM THE DIASPORA: Réunion Island Divas, 'Simangavole' Release "Pou d'vré" Album

Simangavole 2017 Photo Bd.png

The multi-award winning female music group, Simangavole perform the traditional yet powerful Maloya rhythm, the music of the slaves of Réunion Island. Simangavole "Maloya Maniér Fanm" meaning "Maloya made by Women" mesmerize audiences all over the world with lyrics that draw from raw emotion and feelings. This high energy performances from thees Island divas deliver an unforgettable experience for all graced by their presence and positive energies. Their spiritually rich-filled music exhibits some of the ancient cultural characteristics of our African Ancestors, reminding us never to forget who we are and how much we've endured through tribulation, slavery and war. Simangavole have a new album out titled "Pou d'vré". It's an amazing combination of sound, energy and emotions. What do you think about the album art(s)?

Traditionally vibrant and culturally diverse, "Pou d'vré" by Simangavole fills the heart with great patriotism and enthusiasm towards Pan-Africanism and all its organisms that make us the great peoples and cultures of Africa. 5 women on stage! Simangavole perform the traditional yet powerful Maloya rhythm since 1998 all over the world. Maloya is the music of the slaves of Réunion island, a French territory located in the Indian Ocean between Mauritius and Madagascar. Maloya is usually sung in Réunion Creole, traditionally with a purely percussion accompaniment.

Maloya can be compared to the American music of the blues, often lyrically reflective speaking of the woes of life, slavery and poverty and is similar in its chant-response structure. Maloya was banned until the sixties because of its strong association with Creole Culture. Performances by some Maloya groups were banned until the eighties, partly because of their autonomic beliefs and association with the mantra of the Communist Party. There are known artists in the community who were imprisoned for practicing Maloya however, in 2009, Maloya was inscribed on the Representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO. With lyrics that draw from raw emotion and feeling, this high energy performance from the Island divas deliver an unforgettable live experience.

Simangavole will be performing live at the Busara Festival in Zanzibar Island, Tanzania from the 8th - 11th of February and at the Isai Festival, India on the 25th of February, 2018. Follow Simangavole on Facebook for more details.