Music Growth Talks Podcast: How To Register Your .MUSIC (DotMusic) Domain Name [cc: @matterandrew]


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After a decade of fighting for the rights to the .MUSIC (DotMusic) top-level domain, alongside other applicants like Google and Amazon, DotMusic's application for the registry prevailed in April 2019. Finally, .MUSIC is a community-based domain name extension, supported by thousands of the most influential music organizations worldwide, representing over 95% of global music (probably including yours).

What is .MUSIC? What are the benefits of the .MUSIC domain name extension? What are the advantages of .MUSIC in comparison to .COM? How a verified .MUSIC identity for artists, bands, creators, music industry professionals and companies creates trust, increases your brand's search ranking and protects intellectual property, such as copyright and music trademark.

Constantine Roussos, the founder and CEO of DotMusic, shared with us the complicated history of the project, the numerous challenges they face prior to launching the domain next year, explained how artists will be verifying their identities, and commented on the security measures designed to protect creators' rights (and fight cyber— squatting or piracy).

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