MUSIC UNITES AFRICA Launches #Top40Africa On Spotify and Apple Music

Top40Africa Spotify-Artwork.jpg

Due to high volumes of requests from our community members in the diaspora and on the continent, MUSIC UNITES AFRICA are proud to announce that we have expanded our #Top40Africa playlist-chart show beyond Deezer to Spotify and Apple Music. As TOP40AFRICA prepares to celebrate its one year anniversary on World Music Day - June 21st 2018, we are delighted with the impact our carefully curated Pan-African playlist-chart has made in the past months - helping to promote upcoming musicians while keeping a firm grip on some of the most exciting music in Africa. With the launch of these new platforms comes new levels of social-responsibilities on our part. As creators & curators of TOP40AFRICA, we have a duty to ensure that we continue to promote nothing but the best music and artists from Africa. Getting your songs on our playlist-chart show doesn't come by request. It comes by merit and simply having a great song to export to the world.

TOP40AFRICA features one music-video every week from a song off our Pan-African playlist-chart on our "" universal-bypass link. Discover the TOP40 songs in Africa every week on MUSIC UNITES AFRICA's carefully curated Pan-African playlist-chart. Available now on Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify. Click here to begin your Pan-African music experience with #Top40Africa playlist-chart show.