Nigerian Rapper @LordVino Responds To @MI_Abaga With "Fix Up The Lies"

Lord V - Fix Up The Lies (M.I. Response).PNG

Nigerian Rapper Lord Vino a.k.a. Lord V responds to M.I's "You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives" song which explicitly calls-out Nigerian rappers, tagging them as "substandard". In this passionate heartfelt lyrical onslaught, Lord V clearly reminds M.I. about all the Nigerian rappers who exceed the industry's expectations and are consistently making waves and preserving/exporting the rap-culture in Nigeria. Lord V mentions rappers like Poe, Erigga, TechZilla and Boogey ,while making mention of rappers-turned-singers like Vector Tha Viper and Ice Prince. Lest you rush to conclusions, this is NOT a diss song! It's a lyrical onslaught from a Nigerian rapper who clearly is ON FIRE!!! With lyrics like " course only place that I go under-par..." and "...'cos forces are losing their magnitude, and Vectors are losing direction..."; it's safe to say that the Rap-Culture in Nigeria isn't as bad as M.I. makes it out to be. It just needs more support!!! In an industry run by pop-culture, it's understandable when pure rappers fuse their music with pop, Afrobeat and a host of differing genres in order to generate revenue from their hard work. Beyond M.I's "You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives" and Lord V's "Fix Up Your Lies" tracks, the bigger question is still yet to be addressed. Which is; WHEN WILL YOUNG NIGERIAN RAPPERS GET THE SUPPORT THEY NEED TO GROW THEIR MUSIC-BRANDS?


The rap-game globally has changed and rappers can't be expected to box themselves in, while the adaptation to change coherently coexists with the successes of one's craft. Nigerian rappers need support! Fans need to demand more and support more. Mainstream media needs to play their role in preserving one of Nigeria's richly but poorly maintained exports - which is our rap-culture. To those who have paved the way for this young generation of super-talented rappers to prosper and grow; the time for retirement is NOT NOW! There has to be a rehabilitation of fan-culture and pop-culture. Let's be honest here; Nigerians master perfectly the arts and crafts of all they so desire. The debate here isn't about there-not being enough brilliant rappers and lyricists to dominate Africa's rap scene, the topic of discussion here is WHERE IS THE SUPPORT FOR NIGERIAN RAPPERS and WHY ISN'T THERE MORE CONSISTENCY FROM ESTABLISHED RAPPERS? But before you judge and analyse, first Listen to "Fix Up The Lies" by Lord V ...[Comment Your Favorite Line/Lyrics below].

Do you think M.I. is right to tackle young rappers in this merciless but Fatherly Love-like manner? Let us know by leaving a comment! Listen to "You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives" on Deezer.

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