Nigerian Rapper 'Toni' Dazzles On The Afro-Caribbean Smash-Hit Song "My Boo"


After a self-imposed break from releasing music, the Nigerian rapper, Toni returns with his new single “My Boo”. On My Boo, we hear Toni assert his feelings for his current love. This song features a female vocal sample which sees Toni combine his smooth style and rap skills over this rhythmic Caribbean instrumental. This beat was produced by J-Glad with mixing and mastering done by Wombat Studios. Toni is co-CEO of the music, fashion and graphic designing collective known as "AFRO". Vibe to "My Boo" by Toni below.

 Taste the Feeling and Share a  Coke  with  Music Unites Africa

Taste the Feeling and Share a Coke with Music Unites Africa