P-HYPHA Releases Lyrics To His 2016 Platinum-Streamed Song "Familiar Stranger" on Genius

Singer/Songwriter and Founder of Music Unites Africa, P-HYPHA releases lyrics and annotations of his 2016 Platinum-Streamed song "Familiar Stranger" on Genius. Produced by Scottish producer-extraordinaire and filmmaker Ryan 'Seven Axle' Allan, Familiar Stranger was recorded as an original movie soundtrack for Seven Axle's soon-to-be-released UK movie titled "Grey Side of Law". P-HYPHA is a Pan-African music artiste with a unique vision of Uniting Africans using Music.

Born Anire Okene on September 27th, 1988 in Warri, Nigeria, his love for music and compassion for Africa inspired P-HYPHA to establish Music Unites Africa on the 11th of November 2011, with the soul purpose of Uniting Africa through Music. Music Unites Africa is a Global MOVEMENT of Young Pan-African Leaders with similarly unique visions of transforming Africa positively by reaching out to the hearts of the African Youth in order to create a cerebral & Eco-friendly atmosphere for positive productivity through music, mentoring & humanitarianism.

P-Hypha is impacting Africa positively with Music Unites Africa as his platform to promote peace, unity and the hope of a better and brighter Pan-Africa for all Africans. P-Hypha is one of the main-headlining artiste at the forthcoming Music Unites Africa - African Heritage Music Concert which sees him tour Africa & the world with world renowned artistes and members of Music Unites Africa. The messages in his music are positive & inspiring. Familiar Stranger by Pan-African music artiste, P-HYPHA is an international collaborative-song about a one night stand that seems to last a lifetime. Dedicated to all women of beauty & color.

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 Taste the Feeling and Share a   Coke   with  Music Unites Africa

Taste the Feeling and Share a Coke with Music Unites Africa