Pan-African Female Music Artiste:- Dope Saint Jude from South Africa


Catherine St Jude Pretorius, famously known by her artiste name; Dope Saint Jude, is a phenomenal female emcee and producer who uses her music and voice to speak up for gender equality and Women's Rights in South Africa. Born in the Cape Flats, Miss St Jude brings a fair amount of controversy and youthfulness to the Pan-African music scene. Apart from her tremendous rapping skills and production techniques, DSJ has taught on hip-hop as a social vehicle at a few of Cape Town’s top universities as a guest lecturer. Her latest self-produced compilation project Reimagine EP is a fantastic collage of a 21st Century female lyricist who doesn't hold back as she delivers fiery bars on this 6-track project. Her style is amazingly sublime and her art is incredibly pure. Vibe to Reimagine EP and download this Pan-African album project for free!

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