Pan-African Theme Song:- "Society" by Psychogen feat. P-HYPHA


For all those who think hip hop is dead, think again! "Society" by American rapper Psychogen featuring Pan-African music artiste, P-HYPHA is a song about the bright future of the black people all around the world. Dubbed as a 'Pan-African Theme Song', "Society" talks about the unity of black people across the world and the establishing of a united & prosperous Pan-Africa where inclusiveness, socioeconomic growth & women rights thrive to make our SOCIETY a better place for the black man. It's produced by American producer Carigamist and features exclusively on TIDAL.

Psychogen is an African-American music artiste who holds strong his African roots and heritage. Labeled the future of Hip Hop, Psychogen a.k.a P$G is a revelation to hip hop music and culture worldwide. His international collaboration with Founder & Global Ambassador of Music Unites Africa, P-HYPHA was a testament to Psychogen's tenacity & drive to use his music to unite the world. His vision for a cultural & technologically advanced black race has seen his music spread worldwide. "Society" by Psychogen featuring P-HYPHA is a song that aims to unite Africa through music. A true testament to the visions of these young Pan-African visionaries.

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