Rwandan Rapper 'Raiza Biza' Releases New Song "LIFESTYLE" + China Tour Date

Our favorite Rwandan (male) rapper and New Zealand based Raiza Biza releases this wavy song titled "LIFESTYLE". This song reminds us of J.Cole in his prime. But enough of the hip hop comparisons, Raiza Biza is a world apart and rightly so! His lyricism is 100% and his messages are positive and always inspiring. "LIFESTYLE" is produced by UK based ILE FLOTTANTE. In a recent newsletter to his fans, Raiza Biza discloses his 2nd studio album (which we're all eager to hear here at MUSIC UNITES AFRICA), will be released in the first parts of September 2017. Meanwhile, Raiza Biza is on his way to China for a 2-leg tour with Blaze The Emperor and AmmoNation. If you're in China and reading this, please see the poster below for details. Your support is always a treasure to behold!

In the meantime, listen to "LIFESTYLE" by Raiza Biza below.

 Taste the Feeling and Share a  Coke  with  Music Unites Africa

Taste the Feeling and Share a Coke with Music Unites Africa