SOCIAL MARKETPLACE AFRICA: The Exhibition Coterie - Where Art Meets People!

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The Exhibition Coterie 3 – TEC-3 is a social market where art meets people. It’s an annual gathering of innovators, creatives, artisans, singers/songwriters, authors, painters and talents of all sorts. The Exhibition Coterie is a wonderful experience for anyone and everyone who appreciates ‘the arts’ through entertaining mediums and expressive-art.

The 3rd installment of TEC takes place from the 30th of November - 1st of December 2018 at the HERITAGE AFRICA VILLAGE SQUARE [Plot 1633 Cadastral Zone, Behind A. A. Zauro Plaza. Ahmadu Bello Way, Kado, Abuja]. The Exhibition Coterie 3 promises to be a multinational convergence of music lovers and art enthusiasts. It’s going to be an awesome 2-day event kick-starting the festivities. Don’t miss this!

 Tickets are available for  The Exhibition Coterie 3 .  Contact: +234-(813)-339-6444 .

Tickets are available for The Exhibition Coterie 3. Contact: +234-(813)-339-6444.


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For inquiries about being a vendor at the forthcoming THE EXHIBITION COTERIE 3 social market gathering, contact: