Song Review:- Against All Norm by P-HYPHA

In 2015, Pan-African music artiste, P-HYPHA signed an exclusive marketing deal making Music Unites Africa his official music publisher for his past and future releases. In light of this exciting opportunity to represent one of Africa's rising greats, we've been re-releasing some of his best works which you may have never heard of before. P-HYPHA's music is sublimely laced with ingredients from outer space. His school of thought is extraterrestrial and his style of music is non-preexistence. Delving into P-HYPHA's musical catalog, we've been drawn aback by a particular song titled Against All Norm.


This song holds the mysteries to the intricacies that is P-HYPHA. Against All Norm was produced by Nigerian producer Totz, who by the way produced Hello Mr. Mason and 4eva Night/Forever Night; two of P-HYPHA's international breakthrough songs. For years, he's been consistently re-branding himself as he evolves through time. P-HYPHA's music catalog is a collection of masterpieces put together to make ONE MASTERPIECE. 


Against All Norm was recorded in 2013 and features Ty Magic (founder and CEO of Mastering Studios) on the hook. Poetically designed to captivate its audience, Against All Norm is a great song that deserves your attention.

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