Song Review: "Never Far" by Jo Deep Featuring World Renown Writer, Poet & Spoken-Word Performer, 'Ore Macaulay'

Written by :  Aniré Okene

Written by: Aniré Okene

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Jo Deep is a Nigerian-born Singer/Songwriter with a gift of inspiring people through his powerful & crystal-clear music. He is an eclectic creative and performer who uses music to share the truth he has learnt in life and in Christ. Listening to Jo Deep is like listening to life speak; he is rejuvenating and a breath of fresh air. His latest single “NEVER FAR” off his soon-to-be-released album “WE ARE DEEP” features Ore Macaulay – world renown writer, poet and spoken-word performer.

In his own words;

“When we do not meditate on God's truth often, it's amazing how easy it is for the our minds to even begin accepting the idea that we can be too far away from God. Often after we stray into doubt's depth or sin's pit, we treat God as though He is a location on a map that we left behind as we strayed. He is not! He is the Whole Map! Never a location on it! You can never be too far from Him!”

- Jo Deep

The inspiration and creativity behind this song captures the heart and leaves all in a state of solemnity because no matter how far you go, you’re never far! Jo Deep is a blessing to this world and to our generation. This multi-talented/multi-faceted artiste pours out his soul in all his songs, leading souls to Christ and inspiring the uninspired to dig deep within themselves and harness the amazing powers in their GOD-given gifts and talents. Ore Macaulay does poetic justice to this song by bringing personality and relatability to her spoken-word piece in such a way that warms up even the coldest of hearts. This collaboration is epic! Subtle in its instrumentation and ambiance but revolutionary in its message of hope, love and reconciliation. Wow! What a powerful song this is!! What a brilliant-beautiful piece of edification this is!!!

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"WE ARE DEEP" album by Jo Deep will be available on all major digital music-streaming platforms on August 3rd, 2019. Follow Jo Deep on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram via @iamjodeep for more updates and a chance to be one of the first people to win some really cool merch, tickets to his upcoming shows and so much more!

About This Song:

Artiste: Jo Deep

Song Title: Never Far ft Ore Macaulay

Producer: Mr.Ibk [Cos Recordings]

Mixed by: Olives Caleb [MWO]

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Aniré Okene is an Author and Founder/President of MUSIC UNITES AFRICA. He is also the Team-Lead and Editor-in-Chief of VOICES OF AFRIKANS.