The Benefits & Impact of the ALL AFRICA MUSIC AWARDS on Pan-African Music Artistes.

AFRIMA is a breath of fresh air in a stale and disjoint continental music industry.
— Neo-Afrikan Voices

It's very degrading when Pan-African music artistes on the continent have to rely on foreign ceremonies like the BETAwards to reward their efforts and acknowledge the sheer magnificence in their music. But no more! Thanks to the All Africa Music Awards - AFRIMA3.0, African musicians can now look forward to a continental award ceremony which celebrates our diverse musical heritage as well as reward our efforts in making quality music for the African oriented music fan. Today, we take a close look at the benefits of having this continental awards ceremony on African musicians and music content providers. The AFRIMA3.0 is preparing for its 3rd consecutive All Africa Music Awards ceremony and calls for entry are currently ongoing. So what exactly do African and African artistes have to gain from this annual Pan-African event? We thought you'd never ask;

 AFRIMA AWARDS winner,   Ahmed Soultan   of Morocco presenting musical equipment to Bakotech Proper Lower Basic School in Banjul, Gambia on May 25th, 2016

AFRIMA AWARDS winner, Ahmed Soultan of Morocco presenting musical equipment to Bakotech Proper Lower Basic School in Banjul, Gambia on May 25th, 2016

For starters, the AFRIMA AWARDS is for Africans, by Africans and in Africa...Uniting Africans! Simply put, this is Our award ceremony. The All Africa Music Awards in partnership with the African Union has for the past 2years re-written how Africans perceives and rewards our artists. The school of thought that says the BET Awards is more prestigious, more glamorous and more relevant is currently not in session. Africans deserve more than "one category recognitions" as far as international music is concerned but we aren't complaining. Artists like WIZKID, Wiyaala, Ahmed Soultan, Casper NYOVEST, David O, AKA, EFYA, Yemi Alade and many others have been successful in breaking into the international music scene and making influential impacts along the way. 

 Wizkid and Swizz Beatz

Wizkid and Swizz Beatz

Thanks to the All Africa Music Awards, African artists can now begin to develop their professional music careers better, quicker and more creatively knowing their efforts will be recognized and rewarded accordingly. There however needs to be a structured form of integration and orientation of AFRIMA - the unifying body that represents a united Pan-African music industry and the Pan-African music artiste. Below are some of a few benefits we think will encourage Africans to support AFRIMA awards continuously;

  1. Continental Exposure:- being nominated alone can do wonders for an upcoming musician from Rwanda or an established artiste from Senegal. Africans will admit that there is no real connectivity between our continental music industries. Asides from our famous music stars, we really are not aware of the great uprising talents from Burkina Faso or the dazzling instrumentalist from the Oromo community in Ethiopia. The AFRIMA awards helps curb this anomaly and disjoint to the African music scene.
  2. Networking & Connectivity; the opportunity to connect and network with Africa's biggest music influencers is another reason to take the All Africa Music Awards to heart. It's a time where established artists, upcoming musicians, record label owners and music business professionals can come together, interact and find new opportunities to work together. 
  3. Togetherness; rarely do you have an annual event where all of Africa's brightest and talented musicians come together in unity to support not just one another but to give recognition to the great African continent for producing such remarkable talents and musical geniuses.
  4. Music Expo; there's always a music conference before the award ceremony. This gives music professionals and content providers the opportunity to trade ideas, share experiences and bolster marketing strategies for continental and international music marketing.
  5. Pan-Africanism; for decades, Africans have always been drawn to the fabulous BET and MOBO Awards but lately, thanks to the All Africa Music Awards, Africans are beginning to pick interest in AFRIMA as the organization aims to integrate the spirit of this event into the already structured music culture among Africa's youth. It's brought us all together and it aims to keep us united as we celebrate our finest musicians in and around the continent.

AFRIMA awards is a relevant platform bent on reshaping the way African music is perceived and recognized worldwide. It is a breath of fresh air in a stale and disjoint continental music industry. AFRIMA is the link between the continent of Africa and its up and coming music superstars. If you haven't submitted your music for this year's nominations, you have until July 30th to do so. Click on the photo below to submit your entry.

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