The Cultural Relevance Of "Society II" by Psychogen X P-Hypha Just Got Bigger!

P-Hypha teams up again with Central-African/American rapper, Psychogen on the revolutionary new sequel of their 2015 Pan-African theme song, 'SOCIETY'. The inspiration behind "SOCIETY II" stems from the multi-generational struggle Africans encounter daily. This song is a song of hope! Composed to spur on the Pan-African dream.

Pan-Africa, STAND UP!

In the politically intense climate worldwide, "Society II" by African-American rapper 'Psychogen' and Africa's iconic neo-soul singer/songwriter, P-Hypha couldn't be more culturally relevant and timely, citing the unity of 21st Century Pan-African youths towards #Agenda2063. In a time when the issue of slavery sensitively erodes deep into conversations, in a world where disinformation of facts continue to deflect the obvious; in a society where love seems to lost, "Society II" re-instills SOLIDARITY and the pursuit of total freedom and liberty from all forms of neo-colonialism and mental enslavement.


The international music duo of Psychogen and P-Hypha goes back to 2015 when they first collaborated to release their Pan-African Theme-song "Society". The sequel "Society II" reinforces the urgency for Africans to continue to break glass ceilings all around the world while positively breaking free of mental slavery and societal trends. Psychogen's powerful correlations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X fused with P-Hypha's revolutionary rap-lyrics make this song a revolutionary thunderstorm. And while statements by false-idol, Kanye West insinuating slavery was/is a choice continue to lead conversations in coming weeks/months, "Society II" wholeheartedly debunks such fallacies by honoring our ancestors and cultures in this song. Download "Society II" by 'Psychogen X P-Hypha' on Bandcamp here.