Voice-Over Training:- Turn Your Voice into an Invoice with Crystal Wyse Media

Would you like to use your VOICE to get an INVOICE? Have you ever heard a jingle on Radio or TV and said to yourself “I can be like this or do much better than this?”...well now you can! Crystal Wyse Media are professionals in training Voice-over Artists and voiced for brands like Verve, Etisalat, Martel, BAT, UBA, Nestle, Top-tea, Cowbell etc. Would you like to earn a living by simply voicing a few lines from a script given to you? If you want to improve your pronunciation, diction, elocution or make some cool cash from voicing a few lines, Crystal Wyse Media are the experts to train you professionally here on the continent of Africa and overseas. Learn to use your voice to make an income. At the end of the voice-over course, you will walk away with a professionally made showreel that you can take or upload to the leading voice agencies and sites where the possibilities of you becoming the next best OAP and more are endless.

Crystal Wyse are your WISE choice to help build a CRYSTAL clear path towards attaining your defined goals. They provide bespoke solutions and equip brands & businesses with the tools required to achieve defined objectives through Corporate Films, Media Consulting and Training!

Key Benefits of taking the Voice-over Techniques course:

  1. Practical work experience
  2. Record a voice showreel
  3. Certificate of Participation
  4. Training Materials


  • Introduction to the course
  • Relaxation – Learn how to calm your nerves in tensed situations. This helps with great delivery.
  • Breathing exercises – having good control of your air intake and usage to your advantage, for pace and clarity.
  • Voice over techniques – knowing how it works and how you can make it work. Understand the various styles of delivering a script to optimize productivity.
  • Contemporary voice over scripts – Master the main scripts dominant in your area of strength.
  • Rehearsal of scripts – this is to help you practice several script types in order to know your strengths and weaknesses and get you ready for the real jobs.
  • Vocal warm up – how to maintain your voice quality for delivery before a job is contracted and while on the job.
  • Rehearsal on microphone – the real deal. Voicing naturally and voicing in front of a Mic are two different worlds of experience. Learn how to master both environments & take advantage of it.
  • Recording of scripts – choose your scripts and voice it. Evaluation and assessment.

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