Watch Namibian Pop-Star, Adora Kisting Talk About Her New Album "As I Am"

Namibian singer/songwriter, Adora Kisting is an amazing Pan-African wonder and a phenomenal musical genius. Her angelic voice will swiftly sweep you off your feet. Her just released body of work "As I Am" was released on CD in Namibia and has been met with great enthusiasm and excitement. Adora Kisting is a bright light in Africa's fast-growing music industry and it is with great joy that we introduce such a remarkable talent and inspiration to our global audience of young Pan-African readers. 


Adora Kisting is a rare gem in Africa and her music needs to be spread across the continent like wildfire. Her beauty which resonates in her music reminds us all about the strengths and cluster of talents African Women possess. Her style is uniquely tailored to seduce and subdue her audience. A Strong Girl who is not afraid to speak/sing her mind is an Empowered African Woman. Watch Adora Kisting talk about the inspirations, meanings and messages behind each song on her breathtaking new album "As I Am". 

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 Taste the Feeling and Share a   Coke   with  Music Unites Africa

Taste the Feeling and Share a Coke with Music Unites Africa