Music Unites Africa:- "We Are All Africans" by Mzee & Rafiki ft Salif Keita [Official Video]

Taken from Mzee & Rafiki's Pan-African album "Timhamba (Ancestral Rituals)", "We Are All Africans" featuring Pan-African music legend, Salif Keita is an emotionally gripping song which literally put this writer (Anire Okene) to tears the first time I watched the video. I was so moved by the sounds of the beat as it struck in me, a chord of Pan-Africanism, hope, peace, unity and freedom for all Africans; from the oppression of our aging oppressors and from ancient chains which have held captive our minds and hearts for centuries on-end. I Am reminded by the strings and keys which caress my wary soul that the future of Africa is indeed bright and full of hope. I Am moved to tears each time Salif Keita sings passionately. I Am inspired to inspire Africa for I Am rejuvenated in the essence of "We Are All Africans".

Mzee & Rafiki's Pan-African music album "Timhamba (Ancestral Rituals)" was recorded in more than 10 countries with more than 30 musicians like Salif Keita (Mali), Wiyaala (Ghana), Brenda Mtambo (South Africa), Hishishi Papa (Namibia), Mbuso Khoza (South Africa), Bholoja (Swaziland) and more.

Multi-talented South African producer Mzilikazi wa Afrika better known as Mzee, is an award-winning investigative journalist for the Sunday Times. His tenacity to coin a "hit song' from scratch has earned him great credit and accolades in the Pan-African music industry. Rafiki, a singing-duo singed to Mzee's Bomba Records. The 25-track album is available on CD at Musica and on major digital music stores. Don't just stream "We Are All Africans", go get the complete album now!

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